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>Meet Kalle Blomkvist aka Bill Bergson

> Left: photo of the boy who played Kalle Blomkvist.Right: photo of Stieg Larsson. The other day my daughter came across two volumes of Astrid Lindgren´s Kalle Blomkvist series in an antiquarian bookshop (both published by Gyldendal in 1989).Fortunately she … Continue reading

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>Peter Robinson, Et spor af ild (2007).

>“Jeg var på den tredje sovepille og det andet glas whisky, da han bankede på min dør. Jeg ved ikke, hvorfor jeg overhovedet åbnede den. Jeg havde overgivet mig selv til min skæbne og arrangeret alting således, at jeg så … Continue reading

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>While we are waiting …

>Perhaps there are still visitors who want to try to guess this week´s bait so this post is just a commercial for a post which will be brought some day. Here are the six Wexford novels Ruth Rendell wrote during … Continue reading

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>DJ’s Bait in the Box # 6

> This week´s beautiful tin belongs to Cathy, Kittling: Books This British crime novel is far from the first in a series. “They were standing on a canal bank close to dawn watching two barges smolder. Not usually the sort … Continue reading

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>Odd WoMan Out

>I am not going to offend my intelligent blog visitors by asking who is odd woman out here. But: 1) in your opinion, who is the ´real´ Miss Marple? – why?2) which topical film role does the fourth woman play? … Continue reading

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>Meet Chief Inspector Reg Wexford # 1.

>The point of this post is not to review Ruth Rendell´s novels, but to scrutinize her long-standing detective, Reg Wexford, beginning in the 1960s. So for this first part I have re-read her four first crime novels – and chosen … Continue reading

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>Your Blog is Fabulous Award

>I received this cool award from Sherrie, Just Books. Thanks a lot, Sherrie, I have admired this pretty one whenever I came across someone who had got it. My five nominees are: Louise, Lou´s PagesKerrie, Mysteries in ParadiseReg, Stieg Larsson´s … Continue reading

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>Five Questions Interview

>– a meme from Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) 1. Who is your favorite book character? Why? – I have just scrolled down the list of crime novels I own to make sure I really mean this, but there is no real … Continue reading

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>Ann Cleeves, The Crow Trap (1999)

>– denne britiske krimi er desværre ikke oversat til dansk –Reviewed as part of my 2009 thriller and suspense reading challenge (eco thriller). “Bella had arranged her suicide as efficiently as she had done everything else in her life. In … Continue reading

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>DJs Bait in the Box # 5

>[This week´s rather unusual tin belongs to Elizabeth, Thoughts from an Evil Overlord] A quotation from a British book which is the first in a series:“When the ambulance, the doctor and the undertaker had driven away in convoy she was … Continue reading

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