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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 35

> [This charming tin belongs to Elizabeth, Thoughts from an Evil Overlord] The first in a not quite new British series which was made into a TV series some years ago. “Minor who has run away from home?” Anna asked … Continue reading

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>A for Anemone

>Jeg så denne bogstavleg hos Petunia i går og bestemte mig straks for at melde mig til. Reglerne:Hver uge får deltagerne et nyt bogstav. De skal så blogge om bogstavet i ord eller billeder. I saw this alphabet game yesterday … Continue reading

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>Louise Penny, Still Life (2005)

>[Denne serie er ikke oversat til dansk] This Canadian novel is Louise Penny´s debut, and the first in the cozy Armand Gamache series. The story takes place in the village of Three Pines. “Three Pines wasn´t on any tourist map, … Continue reading

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The Red Shoes – Scene 1

>I. Elvira Flake took a quiet stroll in the dark, rainy night. She ought to go to bed; it was late and she was in for another long day tomorrow. She needed to digest the official convention dinner plus she … Continue reading

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>Impending Louise Penny

>As I warned you beforehand, I am not ready for a review today, but of course you deserve the solution to Wednesday´s Bait in the Box. The book in question is Louise Penny, Still Life, the author´s debut from 2005, … Continue reading

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>Jo Nesbø, Headhunterne (2008)

>– mens vi venter på Harry Hole. Hovedpersonen i Nesbøs enkeltstående krimi er Roger Brown, Norges bedste headhunter, og også en ganske dygtig kunsttyv. Hans velafprøvede koncept går ud på, at når han interviewer kandidater til sine topposter, fletter han … Continue reading

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 34

>[Denne bog er ikke oversat til dansk] This debut is from a non-European country. “Miss Jane Neal met her maker in the early morning mist of Thanksgiving Sunday. It was pretty much a surprise all round. Miss Neal´s was not … Continue reading

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>Enid Blyton, Crime for Beginners

>Sidste uge så jeg et dejligt blog-indlæg med en række skønne gamle De 5-bøger (min allerførste krimiserie). Jeg opdagede, at de svenske og norske havde samme illustrator, og lovede “Snowflakes in Rain” at bringe et billede af nogle af mine … Continue reading

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>The Red Shoes

>I know, I know. I should be reading & reviewing. Honestly, I am. 100 pages more, and there will be a review for you. But look at these delicious shoes – they are simply shouting for a story, aren´t they? … Continue reading

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>DJ´s Flash Fiction Workshop

>I have just created a new blog, a workshop where I can publish my flash fiction stories ´secretly´ as literary magazines generally ask for unpublished texts. If you would like to follow my stories, please send me an email and … Continue reading

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