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>Flash Fiction Challenge: write a story which takes place in Walmart. I didn´t quite know what to expect. Perhaps not exactly tweed or pin-stripes, yet I had never dreamed of anything like this. I couldn´t prevent myself from staring at … Continue reading

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>A Christmas Story?

> Is there anyone out there who want a Christmas story? If so, please send me your ideas: which ingredients do I need to make it a real Christmas story? And don´t worry, no matter what you suggest, I suspect … Continue reading

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>Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None (1939)

>This British story was originally published under the title “Ten Little Niggers” long before the term ´politically correct´ had been invented. Ten people are invited to Indian Island (originally Nigger Island) by the mysterious host, U.N. Owen. They look forward … Continue reading

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>Maria Lang, No More Murders (1967)

>This Swedish crime novel (featuring a very special cat) was originally published in Sweden under the title “Inte Flera Mord” in 1951. Maria Lang, whose real name was Dagmar Lange, may be considered the Swedish queen of crime of her … Continue reading

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 42

> [The beautiful tin belongs to Julia, A Piece of My Mind] This week´s classic is known under two different titles – with good reason. Anthony said with a grin: ´The legal life´s narrowing! I´m all for crime! Here´s to … Continue reading

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>Et reklameindslag

>[Blognews for Scandinavian readers] I forbindelse med mit skrivekursus på Saxo Forfatterskole, har jeg været med til at starte en fælles forfatterblog for en halv snes forfatterskolemedlemmer. Besøg Skrive-Bloggen. I dag velkomst, i morgen bliver den første tekst lagt ud. … Continue reading

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>H for Hall

> For this week´s ABC-meme I have decided to revisit M.R. Hall, The Coroner (2009). When Jenny was eleven, she saw her first dead body. “The first dead body Jenny ever saw was her grandfather´s. She had watched her grandmother, … Continue reading

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>Cat in Crime

>A warm-up before an oncoming review of an old Swedish thing. I have read this one several years ago, but decided to revisit it for three reasons. First, Karen Meek of the fantastic EuroCrime blog bought exactly the same edition … Continue reading

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>Margot Kinberg, Publish or Perish (2008)

>This American crime novel is the author´s debut. Nick Merrill is a young graduate student and teacher at Tilton University. Besides teaching psychology, he has designed a promising computer programme, and at the beginning of the story he is informed … Continue reading

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>Just a teaser …

>When he got there, Nick was still so intent on keeping his balance that at first, he didn´t notice the jacketed figure waiting halfway up the stairs. He looked up, startled, when he heard his name. “What are you doing … Continue reading

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