>Ellis Peters, Black is the Colour of my True Love´s Heart (1967)

Ellis Peters may be known to many of you as the author of the Cadfael series. I have only read this modern crime story, however, and was inspired to re-read it when I came across this post, written by Kerrie.

This fine old crime story begins when Edward Arundale, quite uncharacteristically, gives a young girl with a guitar case a lift to Follymead, a musical college. It is the sixth in the Felse series. As far as I have understood, father and son (Dominic Felse) solve the stories in turns.

Some of the main characters are Dominic Felse, son of a policeman and an amateur sleuth, and his girlfriend, Tossa Barber. It is also clear from the beginning that we are supposed to notice Lucien Galt and Liri Palmer, two of the famous folk singers that participate in the folk music course, plus Edward Arundale´s beautiful wife and his gawky niece, Felicity.

Very soon there is an atmosphere of jealousy and anger, and finally, on page 65, someone disappears, leaving only trampled grass and – perhaps – a few drops of blood. Young Dominic calls in his father, D.I. George Felse to take a discreet look so no one will be scared away from the college.

If you like a quiet, entertaining crime story in the best British tradition, you will like Ellis Peters.


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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