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>A Tiny Earthquake

>Yesterday your Danish correspondent experienced a “major” earthquake, one of the strongest that has ever been measured in Denmark. Our cottage shook and belched for a few seconds, and we wondered whether our washing mashine had finally fallen down (unlikely, … Continue reading

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>Scandinavian Crime in Poland

> [photo: my daughter´s table snowman] Er der nogen derude, som er bedre til polsk end jeg er? (jeg kan absolut ingenting, men jeg kan gennemskue visse låneord, vi deler med dem). Nå, men i hvert fald er jeg stolt … Continue reading

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>W.J. Burley, Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy (1968)

>This British police procedural is the first of twenty two about Superintendent Wycliffe. I know the series from Danish television (Wycliffe 1994), and when I saw a recommendation of the books on Martin Edwards´ blog, I bought the first one. … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 6

> Last week: our ´own´ church. This week: the church near our cottage(under repair, hence the boarded windows) The ´Lego church´ as our irreverent daughters call it.

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 56

>As this novel is fairly old, I´d better help you a bit by revealing that it is the first in a long series. “The foot was deformed. Two toes missing, the first and second; obviously a congenital malformation, not a … Continue reading

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>R for Reg and Ruth

>For the letter R in Kerrie´s alphabet meme I would like to revive some posts from last year about Reg Wexford, Ruth Rendell´s long-standing protagonist. I just realised that it was Ruth Rendell´s 80th birthday yesterday(Feb 17th) so my post … Continue reading

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>H.C. Bailey, The Bishop´s Crime (1940)

>In January Ron Smyth won a gift voucher on my blog. He has been kind enough to tell me how he spent his money, and he has sent me a review I think many of you will enjoy reading. Doesn´t … Continue reading

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