>Crime Case Round Three

Detective Constables Tim Kinberg and Patti Witter seek out the caretaker who tries to Marie Oates´ flat. The door is locked from the inside, however, so they have to break it open.

On the living room floor they find a young woman who has been shot, possibly more than once. She is unconscious, her breath is shallow, and they send for an ambulance immediately. They assume they have found twenty-seven-year-old Marie Oates.

They call for technical assistance, and when the scene of crime has been photographed, they bag a handgun Walther P99 lying next to the woman. They continue their examination of the flat.

DC Patti Witter tries to get in touch with Ms Oates´ mother, but in vain. Instead she finds the phone number of Robert Charles Brown, Ms Oates´ boyfriend. She gets in touch with him an hour later in his rented room in Sherwood. He is devastated when he hears that Marie is severely injured. When asked, he admits that he owns a Walther P99, but he has not seen the weapon for months.

Detective Constable Kelly Adams goes to Marie Oates´ place of work. Ms Oates is a popular model, working for the bureau “Starlites” in Bedford. The owner of the bureau, Ms Betty Fordson, explains that she saw Marie Friday afternoon, and that she was expected at work today, Monday. Ms Fordson says Marie was chatting on her phone all day long, gossiping with friends, arranging dates or arguing with that sister of hers. Ms Fordson knows she had a new boyfriend, “but mind you, her relationships never last long. She is so pretty she can have anyone she wants.”

You are the detectives; what will you do next?


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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