>Crime Case Round Six

A brand-new report ticks in from ballistics. Margot Duncan confirms that Ms Oates was killed by a bullet fired by Robert Browne´s gun, a Walther P99. Two shots were fired, one which hit Marie Oates´ left arm, went through a rib and penetrated the left ventricle. It was fired at close range (c 50 cm) with a slightly upward angle. This bullet (showing clear traces of tissue) was dug out of the living room wall c 160 cm above the floor. Another bullet hit the wall c 20 cm above the skirting board, and again the angle seems to have been upward.

The flat seems tidy, and Ms Oates´ expensive watch plus several pieces of jewellery lie about in the living room. Ms Oates does not seem to have done anything to defend herself – apart from raising her left arm immediately before the gunshot went off. As Ms Oates owned more than a hundred pairs of shoes, it has taken some time to established which prints were hers, but DC Kelly Adams has found a clear print of a bloodstained Reebok shoe measuring 23 cm on the kitchen floor.

No trace of Daisy Oates yet. One of Marie´s colleagues, Tina Osborne, claims Marie and Daisy got on well “most of the time, but they had some kind of fall-out a few months ago.” Ms Osborne explains that she and Marie were not close. “I doubt she has ever had a close girlfriend. You like her in the beginning, but then you notice that if there are men in the vicinity she just forgets you exist.” DC Patti Witter asks her if Marie was in any kind of trouble, e.g. money or alcohol. “Trouble? Oh no, she was such a skinflint, and she hardly ever touched alcohol. She said it ruined her complexion. To be honest, she was a bit boring. Everything in her life was about Marie Oates.”


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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