>Crime Case Round Seven

Wanted: The Bedford police are very eager to get in touch with Ms Daisy Oates of Reading. Ms Oates is in her mid-thirties, 160 cm tall, normal weight, and she has short, dark blonde hair. She was last seen near Gatwick.

DC Tim Kinberg has spoken with Robert Browne who is a tall, well-built soldier. Even in his current state of shock and despondency he seems to be a kind and pleasant young man. After some hesitation he reveals that he had a short fling with Daisy before he met Marie. “Daisy was just … Well, I am afraid this doesn´t sound so good, but after I had seen Marie I couldn´t … I couldn´t get her out of my mind again.”

Kinberg asks Robert if Daisy strikes him as a jealous type. He explains that the police have not been able to find Daisy since Marie´s death. “Do you think Daisy thought what you were having together was a serious relationship?”

Robert seems shaken by this information. He admits that Daisy wasn´t very willing to let him go. She has tried to arrange a meeting with him for weeks, and he confesses that he fears she might be pregnant. “I am not sure, but she said something about new responsibilities… Oh, I am so confused. But she can´t have … She really loved her sister!”

“A final questions, Robert. Did Marie or Daisy own a white pair of Reebok trainers?”

“Trainers? Running shoes? Not Marie, certainly, unless they come with high heels.”

Tomorrow: last round – so what do you want to ask?


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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