>Crime Case Full Story

Who knows how disappointed you will be, but this is the story behind Marie Oates´ death (remember, this is the first crime case ever for a group of sixteen-year-old students).

Marie and Daisy Oates grew up together, the beautiful and the intelligent sister. They got on well until Marie realized how fun it was to flutter her long eyelashes at someone else´s boyfriend – and tried this on Daisy´s lover, Robert Browne.

Daisy believed she had found the one and only, and she had just realized she was pregnant. What could she do? She tried to persuade Robert, she considered terminating the pregnancy, she considered killing herself – which is why she stole Robert´s gun. (Robert may have had an idea about this, but as you can imagine, this guy who leaves a pregnant girl at the flutter of an eyelash, does not have enough backbone to report his gun stolen or try to help Daisy).

Unhappy but intelligent Daisy arranges a meeting with her sister “to patch things up”. Empty-headed Marie believes her and buys cream cakes for the reconciliation scene. She opens the door to let in her sister who points the gun at her, knowing that the longer time she stays in the flat, the more traces she will leave behind. She steps forward, trying her best to shoot Marie through the heart while making it look like suicide. But Marie tumbles back and raises her arms in self-defence so the bullet goes through her left arm first.

This does not look good. Daisy tries to keep cool and follow her plan. She places the gun in Marie´s hand and fires a second shot into the wall, leaving Marie´s fingerprints on the weapon.
She locks the door with a handkerchief around her fingers, and she does her best to stay clear of the body on the floor, but nevertheless she steps in a splash of blood in her new Reebok trainers. Daisy is not exactly fashion-conscious so she does not know that these footprints will stick out among Marie´s high heels and stilettos.

In the kitchen she opens the window and jumps down on the grey container in the backyard. Unseen she returns to her hired car, and on her way home she gets rid of the shoes in a container. According to her original plan she was going to return to her flat, but she realizes that the suicide scene will not convince the police for long so she picks up her passport, draws some cash and goes to Gatwick Airport.

Where is Daisy now? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Thank you to my persistent team of detectives for playing along!


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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