>April – mowing forward or back?

When it comes to reading, April was a very successful month. I reviewed eleven novels, most of them excellent books I enjoyed a lot.

On the other hand, I have wasted much time on computer problems and other time consuming activities lately, and instead of writing fiction, I have moved backwards, so to speak. I am in the process of editing a Danish manuscript, and this week I have removed c 500 words (if I am not mistaken, I have removed quantity and added to the quality, but who knows).

But I have also made some decisions about the plot and my protagonist so thanks to you I think I am on the right track.

And when it comes to my reading challenges, things are going so well that I have decided to join a fourth, The Scandinavian Reading Challenge 2010, hosted by Amy of The Black Sheep Dances. (Well, it shouldn´t be too difficult either, after two days with a sore throat I have read half of the six novels).

What´s in a Name Challenge:
1. Food: Pierre Magnan, Death in The Truffle Wood. READ
2. Body of water: Paul Cleave, Cemetery Lake READ
3. A title: Colin Cotterill, The Coroner´s Lunch (TBR)
4. A plant: Thomas Cook, Red Leaves (TBR)
5. Place name: Matt B Rees, The Bethlehem Murders READ
6. Music term:Margot Kinberg, B-very Flat READ

2010 Global Reading Challenge:
1) YabaBadoe, True Murder, Ghana (TBR)
2) ?

1) Shamini Flint, Inspector Singh Investigates (TBR)
2) Matt B Rees, The Bethlehem Murders READ

1) Paul Cleave, Cemetery Lake, NZ READ
2) Peter Temple, Bad Debts – Australia READ

1) James Thompson, Snow Angels READ
2) Simone Van der Vlugt, Reunion READ

North America:
1) Megan Abbott, Bury Me Deep, USA READ
2) Vicki Delaney, Valley of the Lost, Canada READ

South America:
1) Leighton Gage, Blood of the Wicked, Brazil (TBR)
2) ?

1) Raymond Khoury, The Sign (TBR)
2) ?

2010 Cozy Mystery Challenge
1. Donna Moore, Old Dogs – cozy caper – READ
2. M.C. Beaton, Death of an Outsider – READ
3. Louise Doughty, Honey-Dew – READ
4. Pierre Magnan, The Murdered House TBR
5. Rebecca Tope, Death in the Cotswolds TBR
6. ?

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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