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>Yaba Badoe, True Murder (2009)

> This thriller is a debut from Ghana The narrator of this rather unusual story is eleven-year-old Ajuba from Ghana who has been dumped at a boarding school in Devon. Her father did not feel he could take care of … Continue reading

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>Rebecca Tope, A Cotswold Mystery (2006)

> This British novel is the fourth in the Thea Osborne series. I bought number three and four some time ago as part of my ´cozy mystery education´. I picked the book yesterday because I suffered from a nasty headache … Continue reading

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>The Cosy Knave, a Progress Report

> [If you click on the Wordle tool, you can ´read´ my manuscript, or at least see which words I use most often. Thank you, Kerrie, for the inspiration] Yesterday it was exactly two months ago that I wrote the … Continue reading

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>Yrsa Sigurdardottir, My Soul to Take (2008)

> This is the second novel in the Icelandic Thóra Gudmundsdottir series. I read it in English because my generous friend Maxine offered to send it to me. Sometimes a writer comes up with a fine or promising debut, but … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 24 – and a Task for You

> Some of my readers have a terrific memory, and it is probably true that I have promised you a story at some point or other. So here comes your inspiration: two photos of an old house and a fine, … Continue reading

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 71

> Last week the climate was a bit too hot for me so I headed north for this week´s bait. Do you recognize the series? “It was much colder inside the hole than outside. She tried to sit down, but … Continue reading

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>Rendell in a Rage

> Last week I took a look at Ruth Rendell´s novel “Simisola” about illegal immigrants and unemployment. Today´s crime novel is “Road Rage” from 1997. Do nettles matter? Or butterflies? Well, certainly it must be more important to have a … Continue reading

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>What´s in a Name – Finished.

>As soon as I saw this challenge on Beth Fish´s blog, I knew I had to participate. It has been a pleasure, Beth! What´s in a Name Challenge: 1. Food: Pierre Magnan, Death in the Truffle Wood (2005) – France2. … Continue reading

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>Thomas H. Cook, Red Leaves

> This American psychological thriller is a stand-alone. The writer has written several novels but this one is the first I have read. I bought it myself. You could say this really well-written story begins ´ab ovo´, or even before … Continue reading

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>The Huey, Dewey and Louie Effect

> A month ago I called for help because I had a name problem. I had realized it was a very bad idea to have a Jesmona and a Jemima in the same story because it would be so difficult … Continue reading

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