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>Colin Cotterill, The Coroner´s Lunch (2004)

> This novel, written by a British writer who lives in Thailand, is set in Laos, and it is the first in the series about Dr Siri Paiboun. The book gives a strong sense of Communist Laos in 1976 and … Continue reading

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>My Life According to Crime Fiction 2010

> Do you remember this funny meme from last year? I saw the 2010 version of this game on Bernadette´s blog the other day – and of course I couldn´t resist. I have cheated just a tiny bit as I … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 23


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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 70

> From Wales to Sydney to …. can you guess who and where? To help you, I can tell you the book is the first in the series. “He was often described as a short-arsed man. He had a peculiar … Continue reading

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>Ruth Rendell, Simisola (1994)

> [This post is not a review, but a comment on Rendell´s engagement in a social issue] In this novel, unemployment and the social deroute which may follow it form an interesting backdrop, or social commentary, if you like. Besides, … Continue reading

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>Ruth Rendell, More than Crime

>It is really amazing how much extra time you have when you are cut off from the internet for a day or two. You won´t want to hear about everything I have done, but let me just mention that I … Continue reading

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>no internet in our area – will be back when I can blog from home

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>Leah Giarratano, Black Ice (2009)

> This Australian police procedural is the third in the series about detective Jill Jackson. I won it in a competition on Kerrie´s blog: Mysteries in Paradise One of the main characters is Detective Sergeant Jill Jackson who works under … Continue reading

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>Down Under

> From Wales I am heading South – down under – or perhaps down and out? The environment certainly has an underground feel. “Seren ignored the sting of the fly sucking blood from her ankle. She pushed her lips into … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 22


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