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>Thy´s Day # 27


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>See yah

> Between them, life and work have kept me rather busy lately, but I hope we will have time for a weekend in the cottage in a couple of days. If so, I will probably bring some of these – … Continue reading

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>A Short Lesson on Tuxfordry

> No, you hadn´t heard the term tuxfordry before, had you? I hope I was the one who coined it, and I am quite proud of it. Tuxfordry. Sounds nice and convincing, I think. Some branch of human science, perhaps? … Continue reading

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>Ruth Dugdall, The Woman Before Me (2010)

> This British thriller is a debut. We enter this story when Rose Wilks´ newborn baby dies, and Emma Hatchet´s boy lives. After the tragedy, Rose keeps in close contact with Emma who is the ex-wife of Rose´s lover, Jason. … Continue reading

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>Me & my Alley Cats

> Wow! I did it! The Kilat Flash Fiction Challenge ended a few minutes ago, and as you can see on the picture below, “Alley Cats” stayed on the scoreboard as text no 10 – within the crucial top twelve. … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 26

> You know that I am obsessed with windows, don´t you? This one is from the porch of the church in Jannerup, Thy.  In Denmark we call the porch a ´weapon house´  – the place where you leave your weapons … Continue reading

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 73

> [This week´s box was sent to me from Tim] I know that it is horribly unfair to use this brand-new debut for my game, but it happens to be the one I am reading (and some of my readers … Continue reading

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>  Tusind tak til Bookwitch, min svenske blogven, for den smukke pris: Beautiful Blogger Award. Ann blogger her på engelsk og her på svensk – om hekse, børnebøger og andre spændende emner. – kopiera in awardbilden i din blogg för … Continue reading

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>When is a story long enough?

> Over this rather wet and cold Danish summer, my cosy mystery, The Cosy Knave, has come along quite nicely. In less than three months I have written a first draft – a very drafty one – of c 65,000 … Continue reading

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>Sunday – Status Day

> Two weeks ago I told you I had sent two stories off to KILAT; a flash fiction festival in Indonesia. I did not expect much, but perhaps I had expected less confusion, more overview. It is possible to participate … Continue reading

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