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>Trick or Treat?

> ”You daren´t …” Their voices taunted me all the way up the drive. I knocked on the heavy oak door, and an ancient butler opened the creaking door. ”Whom may I announce?” he whispered, trying to focus his watery … Continue reading

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>October´s Reads

>In October I read and reviewed eight novels and one short story. The very best reading experience was Ann Cleeves´ Red Bones. Brian McGilloway´s Borderlands, Erin Kelly´s The Poison Tree, Tyler´s A Very Persistent Illusion and Ruth Newman´s Twisted Wing … Continue reading

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>A Red Plastic Rake

>Many of you seemed to like my Thursday photo, and when I posted it, I thought there must be a story in it.There was. Exactly 100 words which is called a ´drabble´. The little girl was paddling in the small … Continue reading

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>Malla Nunn, A Beautiful Place to Die (2009)

> This debut is written by an Astralian author, born in South Africa. The setting is South Africa of the 1950s, a country marred by rigid race laws and strict hierarchies, making police work an intricate act of balance. The … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 31

> Autumn

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 77

> I thought this quotation was most suitable for a bait post:“He clocked the police uniform instantly. A captain. Wide-shouldered and big-boned with blond hair cut close to the skull. Small silver fish danced around what looked like a bullet … Continue reading

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>I won, I won …

> See what the postman brought me! Four wonderful book marks – or cards. Depends on the way you see – or use – these pretty creations. I won them in a competition on Beth Fish´s blog several weeks ago … Continue reading

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