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>Yesterday I did it. I spent $ 1.49 on an e-book. It took a minute or two to select the book, pay for it via Pay-Pal and download the pdf file. Alarmingly simple it was. So now I´d better try if I can put up with reading a story on my computer screen. (I know pdf + computer is not the same as Kindle + real e-book but I am not quite there yet.)

The book was “Witches Witch” by Wade J. McMahan, an American writer I have never heard about before, but for $ 1.49 I am prepared to take a chance. I´ll tell you about my reading experience later.


For unpublished writers, beta-readers and other sources of critique are invaluable! We do what we can to catch those grammar errors, typos and other mistakes before the editor sees them, but even though you go through your text several times, it is so difficult to see what you wrote and not what you think you wrote.

So when Clarissa Draper offered to review the first chapter of “The Cosy Knave”, I leapt at this chance (I really did, Clarissa, it wasn´t my fault that my first three e-mails were eaten by your spam folder!)

If you are curious, visit Clarissa´s interesting blog to see my chapter and her comments. And if you are even more curious, I can tell you that I am busy checking point-of-view in the manuscript these days.

NB: I had no idea Clarissa was blogging about Kindle today.

For Word Lovers

No, not the computer programme Word (which I have to use but often loathe). For lovers of a large, nuanced vocabulary.

Recently, I sent the Literacy Builder Award on to Cathy, Kittling Books knowing that she is a blogger of many words! Please visit Cathy and enjoy a few of her gems ´around the huckleberry bush´.


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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