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>2011 Global Reading Challenge

> If you should be interested in participating in the global challenge of 2011, you can see the rules and sign in here. The challenge runs all the year, and there are three levels to choose among. (Some of you … Continue reading

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>Sarah Andrews, In Cold Pursuit (2007)

> This American geologist writes about a detective who is also a geologist. The novel is the eleventh in the Em Hansen series (though she only plays a minor role in the story). To be honest, I only bought this … Continue reading

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>2010 Global Reading Challenge – finished

> The other day I finished my fourth and last 2010 challenge. Africa: Yaba Badoe, True Murder, Ghana Malla Nunn, A Beautiful Place to Die, South Africa Asia: Colin Cotterill, The Coroner´s Lunch, Laos Matt B Rees, The Bethlehem Murders, Israel Australasia: Paul … Continue reading

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>Advent Sunday

> In Denmark we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead, we take the time to celebrate the four Advent Sundays as a family, and the first weekend is special because we also celebrate our son´s birthday. No grandparents this year because of … Continue reading

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>Elizabeth Ferrars, Hanged Man´s House (1974)

> This crime novel is a British stand-alone. In some ways it may be compared to the Danish writer Else Fischer´s novels, and it struck me as funny that their names are so similar. The main – rather important – … Continue reading

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>Michael Connelly, 9 Dragons (2009)

> This American police procedural is the fifteenth in the Harry Bosch series. Harry Bosch and partner are called out to a liquor store robbery. The Chinese owner, a hardworking immigrant and quiet family father, John Li, has been shot … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 34

> Sorry, this picture is not the fresh snow we got this week (which I didn´t have time to venture out in before dark). It is old snow from January. A picture says more than thousand words  – but it … Continue reading

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