>Why I Went Over to the Dark Side

>I have thought about this for a few weeks, and yesterday I finally did it. I ordered that Kindle e-reader from Amazon.

Some reasons for wanting an e-reader
As I read more and more British and American books, I want to cut shipping costs. As I always have to add a couple of pounds or dollars for the shipping, I have bought many of my books second-hand so far. Another reason for this is that when I buy new books, I have to pay 25 % in VAT as a Danish resident. With e-books I don´t have to pay more for my books than the rest of the world.

My second reason is that some publishers have begun offering me review examples of e-books. I don´t mind the least reading old books, but I like reviewing a few new ones once in a while.

Some questions I tried to find an answer to first
Could I read Danish ebooks in my Kindle?
(I won´t buy many, new ebooks cost from eighteen to more than thirty dollars. But what if a Danish publisher offered to send review examples of e-books?). The answer is YES, they can be converted via a free programme so I won´t have to buy a second e-reader.

I know how much I love the feel of a book in my hand. Could I get used to reading on the screen?

My first test: reading a PDF-book on my PC. I got through it in two days, and the reading experience was ok, but not recommended.
My second test: I downloaded Amazon´s programme: Kindle for PC + a free book. Clearly a better reading experience.

What is the price level?
Well, there is no clear answer yet. Though Danish e-books are expensive, they seem to cost 5-10 dollars less than paper editions. On the other hand, Amazon.com have just raised their e-book prices considerably.

What about availability? 

There is always Amazon.com, but a few weeks ago I thought I could also buy e-books via British chains like Waterstones. Not any more; recently some of the major British sellers have stopped selling to customers from abroad.

So why did I push that order button yesterday? 

Don´t know. Perhaps because my husband was tired of all my on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand vacillation. And don´t worry about me. Once I have made up my mind, I never regret it. I may not love my Kindle, but I´ll find the positive sides to owning it – and use it.

Some recent blog posts about e-readers: 

Kimbofo (who gave inspiration to the title)
Maxine about the restrictions.
Bernadette about her eAdventure.

Tell me your e-reader story: do you have one? Do you love it? 
Have you considered buying one? Why (not)?

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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