>Two Sentence Tuesday # 3

>As the whole family has been afflicted by sore throats, I haven´t been as productive over the weekend as I hoped. I did write more than two sentences, however, so here is a titbit for you:

She found three old cook books, one of them kept together with tape, plus some pink and orange Danielle Steel novels, a dozen Barbara Cartlands and a few other female writers she had never heard about. Unless Archibald had some hidden side she didn´t know about, something was clearly wrong.

Two-Sentence Tuesday is hosted by Women of Mystery.

The Global Reading Challenge
More than a hundred people have participated in 2010, and many of you seem to have enjoyed the 2010 Global Reading Challenge so perhaps it is time to ask you if this was it, or if you want to play along next year.

Should we have a 2011 Global Reading Challenge?

I won´t be sad or disappointed if you don´t want it – I have plenty of other projects to keep me preoccupied for more hours than I have. On the other hand I don´t mind hosting the challenge again. It doesn´t take much of my time once the blog is up and running, and Kerrie is very helpful if I need technical assistance.

NB: I have thought about changing “the seventh continent” from Antarctica to a sort of wildcart setting – it could be the sea, the space, the future, the past or some supernatural world so don´t worry; unless you really want to, you won´t have to struggle to find interesting books with Antarctic settings.

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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