>D is for Detectives


[For Kerrie´s alphabet meme and for Two-Sentence Tuesday, hosted by Women of Mystery]

Many of my readers probably like series just as much as I do; the feeling that opening the next book, you will meet friends who are as familiar as your favourite slippers. Yet they can also surprise you – which is all the better.

Today I will only mention one couple, Daniel Kind and Hannah Scarlett, known and loved by thousands of fans, created by Martin Edwards in his Lake District Series.

Officially, Hannah is the detective while Daniel is just a historian. Somehow he always gets involved in her cases, however. There may be more than one reason for this, but it is clear that crime and research appeal to him. Both characters are credible and interesting personalities, and though we like them and take an interest in what happens to them, they are not boringly flawless.

A few words about Rhapsody Gershwin and Archibald Primrose, my own partners in crime.

Archibald is the village constable, but Rhapsody always stumbles on something sinister. She loves working together with her fiancé on a case, and she is probably more dogged than dainty. So far, she sees detecting as an exciting hobby, and an opportunity to get away from household chores which don´t appeal to her very much.Below Rhapsody is trying to question a young man in Aldburgh, her new setting:

“So you are home for the weekend?” Rhapsody said to Darwin, and at least she succeeded in making him lift his gaze from the floor. He studied her with his mouth slightly open until he made up his mind she deserved a smile. Not that she cared of course; she just wanted to form an impression of the people around her.
“Yeah,” he breathed, nodding as if he had said something very profound.
“I´m afraid I don´t know exactly what you are studying,” she beamed at him.
“Really?” He left his mouth open and his eyes on her cleavage.

Who is your favourite amateur sleuth? Why does this character appeal to you? 

NB: I never ever link to videos because they ´are not my thing´, but I must admit I found this one irresistible: I am reading a book. 

Thank you for the fun, Elaine.


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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