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>Final cover: Liquorice Twists

> I won´t even tell you how many pictures I have taken, or how much liquorice I have consumed during the process, but here it is – the final cover of Liquorice Twists. Thanks to my wonderful beta-readers I am … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 49

> The fragile-looking anemone is one of my favourite spring flowers,  and what could be prettier than a whole carpet of them?

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>Arne Magnussen, Den vidtudraabte besættelse i Thisted (1699/1891)

> [This is a Danish account of the last witch trial in Denmark. The witches and their ´victims´ lived in my region, Thy, which aroused my curiosity. Unfortunately this interesting book has not been translated. I read the free e-book … Continue reading

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>Two-Sentence Tuesday

>Here is a teaser from my current read. It is far from the first time I am reading a novel by the British writer Martin Edwards, and I know you will enjoy the first two sentences as much as I … Continue reading

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>Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley´s Secret (1862)

> This British novel is a combination of mystery and romance. It is not the writer´s first work, but the story that made her rich and famous. According to Wikipedia, her own life was quite adventurous (warning: the article sums … Continue reading

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>Happy Easter

>Actually I had decided not to blog today as my mother is here, and we are not only celebrating Easter, but also my daughter´s birthday. But these days even my mother spends much of her time getting the knack of … Continue reading

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>Falling Off Stairs

>See my review of Falling Off Air. As Robin Ballantyne´s older sister Lorna suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), this illness is one of the themes of the book. It is not that relevant for the plot, still it made … Continue reading

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>Catherine Sampson, Falling Off Air (2004)

> This British novel is the first Robin Ballantyne story and Sampson´s debut as a writer of fiction. “I am about to pull the curtains and shut out the weather when, at the margin of my vision, a woman falls … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day # 48

> I know I have told you this before, but for the benefit of new readers  – in Denmark daffodils are called Easter lilies  so nothing could be more appropriate for Thy´s day this week.

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>Jane Casey, The Burning (2010)

> This novel is the Irish writer´s second thriller; a stand-alone which is set in London. My review of The Missing. Young Kelly Staples has been looking forward to a night out, but a couple of hours later she finds … Continue reading

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