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Oh happy day

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T is for Tarmac

– for Kerrie´s alphabet in crime meme – No, I am definitely not a city person, but now and then I delve into a crime story which is set in a city or large town, and occasionally I even find … Continue reading

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>Writing News

First a reminder: you have two days left to participate in my competition. The chances of winning are still fairly good. May competition (world wide) Read “Liquorice Twists” and answer three simple questions. Send the answers to (at) … Continue reading

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>Vanda Symon, The Ringmaster (2008)

> (German title: Der ungeschminkte Tod. My review of Overkill). Well, I read the second Sam Shephard mystery from New Zealand in German, but I was afraid that if I only gave you the German title, you would not read … Continue reading

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>Linda Gillard, House of Silence (2011)

> This novel is the British writer´s fourth stand-alone. It is probably more precise to call it gothic romance than mystery. “I used to wonder if Alfie chose me because I was an orphan and an only child. Was that … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day 52

> When I saw Norman´s comment Monday about the flat lands of Denmark, I knew I had to share these pictures with you though I am afraid you cannot really see the depth in them. They are from “Skyum Bjerge”, … Continue reading

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>CrimeFest 2011

> You know (or hope) you are participating in a crime fiction conference when you hear someone saying: ´… and then I put the poison in his haemorrhoid cream´ ´you got to kill people somehow´´I do like blowing things up´ … Continue reading

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>S is for Silence

> (Taking a short break in the streets of Bristol) For this week´s alphabet in crime meme, I´ll comment on what the crime writer does not tell us. I was inspired by a very interesting CrimeFest panel where the writers … Continue reading

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>Save the Words

>Scatterbrained as I am today I keep telling myself that now I´ll begin that blog round, but I run into one distraction after the other (such as five-star reviews on Amazon). I just visited Rob Kitchin´s blog and was reminded … Continue reading

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>Back home from CrimeFest

>Came home from a wonderful event last night (twenty past one so forgive me if I write sheer rubbish). CrimeFest in Bristol was absolutely overwhelming.First of all I met a couple of blog friends, and of course they were just … Continue reading

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