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Sunday & Such

Tomorrow is l-day (or b-day or p-day or whatever) so I think today is the perfect opportunity to send a warm thank you to Ellen, my Danish blog friend, who has allowed me to pick and choose among her wonderful … Continue reading

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Children & Language

Just like most of the readers who left comments on my blog Wednesday, I am very interested in the way children change from cute, little babblers to people you can actually have a conversation with – and in next to … Continue reading

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Even though there are a few minor details to tweak, I have decided to call August the first my official launch day of “The Cosy Knave”. Any date will be arbitrary anyway as I cannot control exactly when the book … Continue reading

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Thy´s Day # 60

Recently, my husband and I went for an evening trip to Stenbjerg, a small village a few km from our cottage – and one of the most idyllic fishing villages that are left in Denmark. So for a couple of … Continue reading

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Writing About Little People

A few weeks ago I wrote about teenagers in crime fiction, and I admit that I hope I´ll never have a brilliant idea for a novel which forces me to come up with main characters who are teenagers. Far too … Continue reading

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Two-Sentence Tuesday

Two-Sentence Tuesday is hosted by Women of Mystery. I have made some progress on “Crystal Nights” this month; not quite as much as I hoped, but better than my minimum goal. We have had unstable, cloudy weather much of the … Continue reading

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S.J. Bolton, Blood Harvest (2011)

[Dansk titel: Blodhøst. Se Litteratursidens udmærkede anmeldelse] “It had happened, then; what only hindsight could have told him he´d been dreading. It was almost a relief, in a way, knowing the worst was over, that he didn´t have to pretend … Continue reading

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Bestseller Poll – the results

Until this moment I thought I could show you some graphics with the results of my first poll. Apparently I´ll have to pay if I want that option so instead I´ll have to ask you to check the results yourselves … Continue reading

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Grieving for Norway…

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Kirsten Holst, Sin brors vogter (2006)

[As the writer´s last crime novel will probably not be translated into English, there is no need to translate the review either. Kirsten Holst, 1936-2008, was one of my favourite Danish crime writers in the 80s and 90s, a period … Continue reading

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