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A Teaser

– just to show you that I am alive and reading – “Monge was on his guard. It was one of those nights when you know you have to be on the alert in these parts if you want to … Continue reading

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Lying in wait

[No,today is not Thy´s day, but when I saw that my Spanish blog friend José featured my blog today, I thought I might have some new visitors who would enjoy our beautiful but not exactly peaceful North Sea] Finally it … Continue reading

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Do you judge a book by its author?

Poll results: Do you judge a book by its author? Never            6 % Sometimes  40 % Often             28 % Depends on what I know  25 %  ————————————- I am sure most of you expected this post would be about serious … Continue reading

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Calling in the British Troops

After nearly a month I have noticed that “The Cosy Knave” sells reasonably well on and, and a couple of readers have come back to write some of those reviews which are so important for new writers! The … Continue reading

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Jussi Adler-Olsen, Journal 64 (2010)

Bogen er den fjerde i serien om Carl Mørck, Assad og Rose, som stadig holder til i kælderen under politigården. Det hele begynder i 1985, da Nete Rosen, den ansete direktørs ansete hustru, er til hyldestmiddag for en nobelprismodtager. En … Continue reading

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Thy´s Day # 64

More fishing sheds from Stenbjerg.

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Do you judge a book – by its author?

– a totally unrelated, but beautiful insect – New poll – does it matter to you who wrote the books you read? Do you sometimes choose not to read a book because of something you know about the author? Please … Continue reading

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