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A Teaser

– just to show you that I am alive and reading – “Monge was on his guard. It was one of those nights when you know you have to be on the alert in these parts if you want to … Continue reading

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Lying in wait

[No,today is not Thy´s day, but when I saw that my Spanish blog friend José featured my blog today, I thought I might have some new visitors who would enjoy our beautiful but not exactly peaceful North Sea] Finally it … Continue reading

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Do you judge a book by its author?

Poll results: Do you judge a book by its author? Never            6 % Sometimes  40 % Often             28 % Depends on what I know  25 %  ————————————- I am sure most of you expected this post would be about serious … Continue reading

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Calling in the British Troops

After nearly a month I have noticed that “The Cosy Knave” sells reasonably well on and, and a couple of readers have come back to write some of those reviews which are so important for new writers! The … Continue reading

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Jussi Adler-Olsen, Journal 64 (2010)

Bogen er den fjerde i serien om Carl Mørck, Assad og Rose, som stadig holder til i kælderen under politigården. Det hele begynder i 1985, da Nete Rosen, den ansete direktørs ansete hustru, er til hyldestmiddag for en nobelprismodtager. En … Continue reading

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Thy´s Day # 64

More fishing sheds from Stenbjerg.

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Do you judge a book – by its author?

– a totally unrelated, but beautiful insect – New poll – does it matter to you who wrote the books you read? Do you sometimes choose not to read a book because of something you know about the author? Please … Continue reading

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Nigel McCrery, Core of Evil (2007)

This British police procedural is the first DCI Mark Lapslie story. It has been published earlier under the title “Still Waters”. As the title may indicate, this story is nicely nasty, right from the very first page. In the prologue, … Continue reading

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Laura Wilson, Hello Bunny Alice (2003)

This British thriller is a standalone. The story takes place in the 70s. We meet Alice who sees it as a great step when she gets the job as a bunny girl. She runs into the comedian Lenny Maxted, and … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation?

When a story is well written, I don´t think much about which language I read it in, but I am happy I won´t have to try to translate this bit of dialogue into Danish: “Are you propositioning me, Doctor Catherall?” … Continue reading

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