Leigh Russell, Dead End (2011)

This week I began reading the third Geraldine Steel mystery for a book club.

“Abigail´s head hurt. She was afraid something was wrong with her eyes. She couldn´t see anything. A heavy weight was pressing down on her chest. She fought against a feeling of nausea, and tried to turn her head but couldn´t.”

Abigail has promised her teenage son she will be home when he comes from football, but instead she ends up in a dark place, all alone.

After a couple of chapters I put this one aside because I just couldn´t get into it. The plot is probably good, but the story did not strike me as particularly well written, and the dialogue seemed unconvincing.

And even if I don´t like ranting about the books I did not finish for one reason or the other, I also want to show my readers that I do in fact read a chapter now and then.


The Cosy Knave baton flies all the way from New Zealand back to Cathryn in California.


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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6 Responses to Leigh Russell, Dead End (2011)

  1. Dorte – Thanks for your candor. I’m sorry that you didn’t like this one better than you did. I think it’s usually better to put a book aside if it’s simply not going to work than to keep on with it. You may come back to it at another time, and if you don’t, you haven’t taken time away from all of the wonderful books out there.

  2. Kelly says:

    I didn’t realize there was a third book in this series. I enjoyed the first and have the second on my shelf.

  3. Yvette says:

    Don’t you hate when this happens? It happens to me more often than not. Back it goes to the library mostly unread. Life’s just too short to read a bad book. 🙂

  4. Margot: language is such a personal thing, and my time is just too precious right now to keep reading a story that just annoyed me.
    Kelly: if you liked the first, you will probably also like this one.
    Yvette: yes, and as I have actually *paid* for this one, it mortifies me 😉

  5. Barbara says:

    I have a terrible time putting down a book I don’t like, yet I want to get to books I really want to read. Guess I’m always afraid I’ll miss something so I doggedly keep on reading. I even read every word of the worst book ever which was one a hometown fellow wrote when I had a book review column in a paper in the Chicago suburbs. Any self-respecting 10 year old could’ve written a better book so I didn’t say much more than “don’t waste your money on this one” but I did read it. Yuck!

  6. Barbara: I have been like that, but a couple of years ago another blogger wrote a post about how many books she expected she would be able to read for the rest of her life. And after that exercise, she determined never to finish a book she didn´t like again. I am not quite as good as that, but if a book just makes me grumpy, I do put it down after a couple of chapters.

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