Thy´s Day # 63 . Crime Scene?

My daughters know exactly what makes me happy so when they saw these spots in our yard, they told me to grab the camera. Older daughter suggested it was ´the bloody cat´ (a non-welcome intruder), but I am afraid it is just a leaky car. “Oil and blood” the younger suggested optimistically. Lovely children!

Well, at least the pictures look nicely dramatic, don´t they?


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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12 Responses to Thy´s Day # 63 . Crime Scene?

  1. Dorte – Very impressive ‘photos! It does look like a crime scene. Your daughters were very kind to share that with you, and you were very kind to share it with us.

  2. Care says:

    gross. But I’m laughing.

  3. Petty Witter says:

    A good starting point for one of your wonderful tales …….. please.

  4. Kelly says:

    A mystery!! I’m leaning towards oil, too….but great fun to speculate!

  5. Barbara says:

    No Dorte, you’re supposed to WRITE about murders, not COMMIT them! 😀

    Actually methinks you might have birds feasting on berries. I know – gross – but around here it’s true.

  6. Piskeriset says:

    Skønt med fantasifulde mennesker! De piger har du opdraget godt 🙂

  7. Margot: how could I *not* share those?
    Care: as I know they are not really ´you-know-what´, I don´t think they are gross, but it was a great photo opportunity 🙂
    Tracy: oh dear – if only I didn´t have three novels planned…
    Kelly: I thought it was oil, but the mechanic says no 😉
    Barbara: as long as I am not caught, I suppose I can go on writing about them – perhaps my stories will be even better.
    Piskeriset: helt sikkert; de er meget vellykkede (krimifans).

  8. Patti Abbott says:

    Lovely stones and picture.

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  10. What helpful daughters you have! That does look very ominous.

  11. Beth F says:

    Oh yes! Love the photos — something sinister is afoot.

  12. Patti: the word ´lovely´ says quite a bit about you – just my kind of reader 😉
    Cathryn: yes, they have turned out very well!
    Beth: carnage in the vicarage 😉

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