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Dansk debut: Anna Märklins familiekrønike

Så skete det endelig Gutenbog kom først med min nye, danske krimi/spændingsroman. er på vej, men forsiden mangler endnu, og jeg har kun kunnet finde den ene Saxo selvudgiverbog endnu. Hvor er det sjovt at være pioner. De første … Continue reading

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Writing News

Or perhaps I should say sales news? The other day (Sept 28) my latest short story “Zed Alley”, featuring Rhapsody Gershwin in Bristol, went free on That is always exciting, and I was extra pleased as I have sold … Continue reading

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Andrew Taylor, A Stain on the Silence (2006)

Mini-review (one of the books I rushed through without taking notes while having the flu this weekend). A British standalone. Like The Barred Window, this mystery begins with a middle-aged man who is caught up by the past. James is … Continue reading

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It´s Sweden´s Day # 3

Above: some official building (a school). Below: from a church. Sorry I cannot give you more information, but the photos are from 2005 (and my poor memory is from 1961).

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Bookshops on the Defensive

First a few facts about the Danish book business. From 1837 until 2001 all Danish book prices were fixed. The publishers determined the price, and books could only be sold through bookshops. In 2001 the book branch was forced to … Continue reading

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Barbara Fister, In the Wind (2008)

This novel is not the American writer´s debut, but the first in the Anni Koskinen series (as a couple of my brilliant readers guessed). What I noticed first was the language: “The grass here is brown and sparse. Broken roots … Continue reading

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DJ´s Bait in the Box # 92

Sore throat, sore eyes, head, chest … seems like the perfect day to revive my little game. This American mystery is the first in a series. Meet the protagonist: “From an early age, I had known exactly what I wanted … Continue reading

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Indie Snippets feature The Cosy Knave

Thank you to Bryan, Indie Snippets, for featuring “The Cosy Knave” today. “Half-time,” Evy sighed, staring helplessly at Rhapsody. Perhaps she had begun to wonder if Tuxford´s elephantine screen was such a good idea after all. If you are an … Continue reading

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The Challenges of a Reader

Today seems to be a good time to write another post about my successful battle against Mount TBR – always write about your victories, never about your defeats 😉 So the mountain of around 130 books which had been reduced … Continue reading

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It´s Sweden´s Day # 2

Why Sweden´s Day? Look here. And nothing can be more Swedish than the red house above.

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