Book Marked

First a couple of brand-new and very different bookmarks I received yesterday, thanks to my blog friend Leighton Gage from Brazil.

Read the story behind the Brazilian wish ribbons here. And below you can see the charming stamps on the envelope. I am sure I can´t be the only grown-up who loves the film “Up”.

Assorted bookmarks from my stock (the rest are scattered around the house in my books or ready for use next to my bed).

And a very special selection – personal bookmarks made for me by my daughter Elisabeth.




About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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12 Responses to Book Marked

  1. Mason Canyon says:

    Such lovely bookmarkers. The background information on the ribbons is intriguing. Bookmarkers are something that is hard for me to resist when I’m in a book store. When I give books at Christmas, I normally include a bookmarker.

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  2. Kelly says:

    What a wonderful post!!! I LOVE bookmarks and have many in my collection. I have a group of about 15 or 20 that are my favorites, though, and always like to match the book I’m reading with the proper color or theme marker. It’s one of the few downsides to my Kindle.

    I like the stamps, too. I thought UP was a really cute movie and must now ask for those next time I go to the post office.

    Now I need to go check out the link you provided for Leighton’s bookmarks….

  3. Margot Kinberg says:

    Dorte – Oh, I like those bookmarks :-). I’m very fortunate because I have a good friend with artistic ability who’s designed some wonderful bookmarks for me. There’s no end to how creative a person can get with bookmark designs…

  4. Bill Selnes says:

    Dorte: Thanks for a lovely post. A few years ago our local library invited children to submit artwork for a bookmark to promote the library. The winners was bright and distinctive. It was immediately popular with library patrons.

  5. Mason: you are not the only one. I have got several of mine because blog friends gave me books with lovely bookmarks in them.
    Kelly: I tend to leave my favourites on the shelf (which is why those from my daughter look pristine), and I prefer a bookmark which is a bit shorter than the book, but not too much.
    Margot: personal bookmarks are the very best!
    Bill: what a wonderful idea. I bet those bookmarks were bright and happy.

  6. What a great collection. Half the time, I end up using business cards. 😦

  7. Cathryn: oh, I have been known to use pencils or other books, but I do prefer a proper cardboard bookmark. And now that we talk about the unusual choices, my grandfather said to his children, “don´t use a fried egg” 😀

  8. kathy d. says:

    Your bookmark collection is very nice, especially your daughter’s. I had never realized until now what a great gift it would be to receive a creative, hand-made bookmark from a relative or friend.
    Something to treasure.
    I, fortunately, have gotten bookmarks from friends — plastic laminated flower or polar bear scene, or paper from our neighborhood murder bookstore, Partners and Crime. They always give bookmarks with purchases, and since I’ve got there I have used proper bookmarks.

  9. Great bookmarks! And I love the ones Elisabeth made. 🙂

  10. Barbara says:

    My favorite bookmark was a gift from a friend. It is a picture of a very puzzled looking young orangutan. It never fails to make me smile. I haven’t counted how many I have but there must be at least 50 all around the house of all shapes and sizes.

  11. Kathy: it is so interesting to hear everybody´s stories about their bookmarks. Funny how these small pieces of plastic or cardboard can mean so much to us.
    Elizabeth: so do I!
    Barbara: haha, I´d love to see a puzzled orangutan 🙂

  12. kathy d. says:

    Well, when such a large part of our lives is devoted to books, then all of the accessories that go with that assume more importance. What do I look at every day and put away and take out: bookmarks, books, etc. But none are as lovely as your daughter’s or as meaningful.

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