Guess Who?

We celebrated my son´s birthday this weekend, meaning I have neither blogged nor read anything.

But here is a teaser for you:

“Long weekend drives in the country with my children on the back seat are not F….´s idea of fun, but I had asked him to come along because I needed the eyes of a detective chief inspector. And he agreed because he has fallen in love with me, even if he has not fallen in love with my children.”

Anyone who recognizes/remembers this protagonist? If not, I promise I will help you a bit.


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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11 Responses to Guess Who?

  1. Jose Ignacio says:

    Maybe the author is a couple, the first in a series, but not 100 percent sure.

  2. Dorte H says:

    José: oh dear, this one must be difficult as you didn´t get it right.

  3. Dorte – If I’m right, this character’s name makes me think of a bird..

  4. Dorte H says:

    Margot: great clue 🙂

  5. Maxine says:

    I think I may even have read the book, but still I have no idea of author/title!

  6. Dorte H says:

    Maxine: small wonder you don´t remember the quotations as you must have read this one some years ago, but I know you remember this sister in crime 😉

  7. Norman says:

    Margot’s clue sent me south and I wondered if Jose should have got it but but then “sister in crime” had me stumped completely. No idea ;-(

  8. Ann says:

    No idea. Sounds intriguing though. Happy birthday to your son.

  9. Kelly says:

    It doesn’t ring any kind of bell for me and I would think from your teaser I would recognize it if I’d read it.

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  11. I can see that this one was too tough, but now the review is up.

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