Amazon, Your One and Only…

I don´t know about readers of ebooks, but I know kdp select is the buzzword among writers this week.

The idea is that writers who publish via Kindle Direct Publishing can choose to join Kindle Owners´ Lending Library and get paid, if they are willing to adhere to certain conditions.

I read their email with interest, of course. Writers always like getting money for their books. And then I noticed this paragraph:

What does it mean to publish exclusively on Kindle?

When you choose KDP Select for a book, you’re committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP. During the period of exclusivity, you cannot distribute your book digitally anywhere else, including on your website, blogs, etc. However, you can continue to distribute your book in physical format, or in any format other than digital.

I know what I think, but it would be interesting to hear your input.

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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15 Responses to Amazon, Your One and Only…

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Dorte – Oh, that is one of those paragraphs that stops one short. I’m not sure whether that means one can’t offer links to one’s book (even to the KDP format of it), or simply can publish an e-book through other means. Either way I’m not sure I’d want to go that way…

  2. Ann says:

    I’m glad you posted this. My first thought was that I couldn’t publish on Smashwords so ignored the “offer”. I looked into publishing an e-book on Barnes and Noble for the Nook but they wanted a credit card. Their reasoning was that they would use your credit card if a book was returned. This made no sense to me so chose to publish on Smashwords which covers most of the other e-readers. Sounds like Amazon are trying to dissuade writers from using other outlets for their books. I think I’ll wait until the dust clears and see what happens.

  3. lrbauthor says:

    Dorte, this is, in my meager opinion, not something that’s wise for Indies. For the whole story of why I’m avoiding this one, refer to my blog. I’d love to have your comments, too!

  4. Margot: I assume it just means you can´t publish your ebooks through other channels, but demanding exclusive rights seems very restricting and old-fashioned to me.

    Ann: so far I have sold around 90 % of my books via Amazon. Still, I will not even consider this ´offer´. It may be good for some of the writers who sell a lot, but I´ll hardly get much out of it anyway.

    Linda: cool blog you have. And I agree; indies should stay out of this – or think carefully. I hope to get some reader reactions also.

  5. Barbara says:

    I’m hearing a lot of dissent about Amazon’s exclusionary policies lately. I think they’re making a big mistake because they’re driving away authors – the very people who have made them so much money.

  6. this is interesting…one of the big bookstore chains here in Oz has recently announced its own eBook publishing arm and the buzz among writers is that it is similarly restrictive for authors…it seems like these companies are aiming to take advantage of new/inexperienced authors who may not have the knowledge or access to agents etc to wade through all the ramifications of these kinds of deals.

  7. Oh and I think this is an issue that readers should be concerned about as well….II don’t particularly want my future reading content to be only available in this format or that format so I end up having to have a half-dozen devices and whatnot

  8. Barbara: I think it will be very easy for them to keep their most successful authors. I don´t think the new strategy will be beneficial for the lesser known – and I hope they can see that.

    Bernadette: I think you are right there. I have come across several new writers today who have no idea what the consequences could be. I don´t know if I would gain or lose money over the next few months, but that is not the question for me. What I am worried about is what will happen if/when Amazon have wiped out most of their competitors.

  9. Kelly says:

    As a reader and book buyer, I’m a big fan of Amazon and love my Kindle. If I were an author, though, I don’t think I could agree to this. It sounds entirely too controlling.

  10. kathy d. says:

    I just wanted to post here that I just finished my global reading challenging, with my last book, Random Violence by Jassy McKenzie, over last night. So it’s 14 books read, two from each country and from history. And I read books from 20 countries. I went out of my comfort zone and found terrific books in several countries, and look forward to more next year, especially Oz. Next year I’m reading a syllabus dominated by Aussie women authors. (The budget will be a concern but between gift cards and used books and the Book Depository, this will work, I think.)

  11. Elizabeth: thank you for the link which expresses exactly what bothers me. But as long as enough writers stay away, the new programme may not make much of a difference.

    Kelly: as a writer, I know I need Amazon. For two months I have sold c 90 % of my English books there. But I do cherish my freedom to put my books for sale anywhere I want.

    Kathy: congratulations! And as you have ventured out of your comfort zone, you have passed the great test 😉

  12. kathy d. says:

    Thank you, Dorte. Your challenge for the last two years motivated me to do this. I will still read more books by the end of the year, and aim for an Aussie women crime writers’ bash in 2012.

  13. Heather says:

    that would scare me away.

  14. Heather: me too. Sadly, many minor writers seem to embrace it. I think I would have to be pretty desperate to do so.

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