I could use a thorough beta-reader for a short story that needs a bit of editing. So if one of you helpful people out there have an extra hour or two, it would be much appreciated 🙂

do.hu.ja (at) mail.tele.dk

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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5 Responses to Wanted

  1. Care says:

    Maybe another time? I have my hands full at the moment but it does sound like a tempting bit of fun.

    NB – thanks. 😉

  2. Care: ha, you learnt a new term there 😀

    Clarissa: wonderful!

  3. Margot Kinberg says:

    Dorte – I’d love to!

  4. Margot: brilliant! I´ll try to find time to email you today – if not, you´ll hear from me next year 😉

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