Sue Grafton, T is for Trespass (2007)

This series has been a favourite ever since a friend recommended it several years ago. As I am determined to read for pleasure right now, you will not get a review. But as I began reading it between Christmas and New Year, I enjoyed this passage:

“After dinner Friday night, I went with Henry to a Christmas-tree lot on Milagro to help him choose a tree – a decision he takes very seriously. … In the six-foot height he preferred, he had several choices: a balsam fir, a Fraser fir, a blue spruce, a Nordman, the Norway, or the noble spruce. He and the man who owned the lot got into a long discussion about the merits of each. The blue spruce, the noble, and the Norway had poor needle retention, and the Nordmans had spindly tips. He finally settled on a dark green balsam fir with a classic shape, soft needles, and the fragrance of a pine forest…”

Did you get that, folks? That is the way to buy a Christmas tree 🙂

Sadly, Kinsey gets involved in more serious matter so I never found out if Henry was also brave enough to use real candles.

I really enjoyed the book, and I found myself wanting desperately that the horrid protagonist would be caught! That is good fiction, isn´t it?

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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17 Responses to Sue Grafton, T is for Trespass (2007)

  1. Maxine says:

    Well, I have read and enjoyed this book, but can’t remember a thing about it 😉 I’m looking forward to my next letter in this alphabet, which is V.

  2. Sounds like Sue Grafton had another winner! I haven’t read this one yet.

  3. Petty Witter says:

    An author I keep meaning to read, this sounds like a place to start ….. or is it?

  4. Barbara says:

    I just love Henry and, no he wouldn’t use real candles. He’s a gem but he’s also very sharp for an old guy, and a wonderful baker as well. Too bad we don’t have a neighbor like him.

  5. Just yesterday, I came across three books by Sue Grafton but I didn’t pick up any. Instead, I settled for two books by an author I’d read in college: Tom Sharpe. I’ve read only one novel by Grafton though I don’t remember which of the alphabet series. After this I’m going to go back and get those Grafton books as well.

  6. Kelly says:

    I love this series! After sagging a little in the middle of the alphabet, I thought they really picked up again along about R or S. I’m ready for V next, but may not get to it before the end of the year. I prefer to wait for paperback (or cheaper Kindle price) anyway. It’s one I would allow in my self-imposed book buying ban since I’ve read the series from the start. 🙂

  7. I liked T a lot….and you’re right that it was a horrid case. one of the things I love about this series is the fact it has always had dynamic, intelligent characters in their 80’s….

  8. Maxine: I know what you mean, but I have found S and T more memorable than several of these.
    Elizabeth: it was a real pleasure to meet Kinsey again.
    Tracy: I don´t think it will be difficult to jump in here (she does explain a couple of things so new readers will get some impression of the protagonist), and I understand if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of reading all the earlier ones.

  9. Barbara: he is indeed a wonderful character. I wonder if Sue Grafton knows someone like him; he sounds so real.
    Prashant: good idea if you ask me 😉
    Kelly: I must admit that once I have fallen in love with a series I don´t think too much about the quality – I just jump right in and enjoy meeting ´old friends´.
    Bernadette: good point about elderly characters.

  10. Ann says:

    I’ve enjoyed this whole series and especially as it is set in an area where I lived at one time.

  11. Now, see! That’s what 4 years of non-stop writing has done to me. I LOVE the “…Is For” series, and I haven’t read one in ages. Thanks for reminding me of what I’ve been missing. I’ll have to figure out where I left off in the alphabet and pick them up again!

  12. Margot Kinberg says:

    Dorte – Oh, Sue Grafton has such a solidly good, consistently strong series. Not that every book is perfect but they’re all worth reading. I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

  13. Patti Abbott says:

    I read this series up until about H and then gave it up. Not because each one was not a good read but because there are so many other worlds I wanted to enter. I never read more than one book in a series now with the recent exception of Kate Atkinson. But her novels only feature a series detective in a small way. They are mostly about the other characters who are different in each book.

  14. Ann: I can imagine knowing the area must make it even more interesting. But after so many stories, I almost feel I know it myself.
    Linda: you really should reward yourself with a reading break now, and Kinsey is great company 🙂
    Margot: I don´t think too much about the quality of this series any longer; you don´t desert old friends even when they are in less-than-perfect shape, do you? 😉
    Patti: I know you have that principle, but I must admit I love series. I am very much a comfort reader so I hope Sue Grafton has some plans for when she runs out of letters 🙂

  15. Bill Selnes says:

    Dorte: I keep reading the series but not with the enthusiasm of the earlier mysteries. On “T” I found it a good but not great book.

  16. Bill: Grafton´s series may not be five-star mysteries, but I am a real fan of series so once I am hooked I am extremely loyal 🙂

  17. kathy d. says:

    V is for Vengeance is a good read. I read it over the holidays and it was exactly right for those lazy, cozy days. (Perhaps those aren’t lazy days for everyone, but for me, I just make tea and read.)
    It’s a bit like coming home to the comfortable chair and slippers on a cold night, and then catching up on old friends.
    Definitely worth reading.

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