Liza Cody, Ballad of a Dead Nobody (2011)

I bought this British standalone myself.

An extract from´s description:

Elly Astoria had a miraculous musical talent. As a little girl she taught herself to play guitar and keyboard so that she could feed herself and her junkie mother. One rainy night she was spotted singing and playing by the founder of an indy women’s band. Later, cleaned up and better fed, she caught the eye of her future manager – and his creepy sister. It should have been a rags-to-riches story. Instead Elly’s career was cut short by her perverted and grisly murder.

Several years later Amy needs a new direction in her life, so she decides to write a biography about Elly Astoria, whose songs meant a lot to her when she was young.

The plot is interesting, and there were parts of it I enjoyed, but the story was told from multiple points of view (making it resemble non-fiction), and after the first chapters I found it quite long-winded.

I really enjoyed Cody´s Anna Lee series, however, and recommend it for readers who like e.g. Sue Grafton´s books.

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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9 Responses to Liza Cody, Ballad of a Dead Nobody (2011)

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Dorte – Thanks for this review. This novel’s musical theme really has my interest! Hmm….maybe I’ll give it a try.

  2. Kelly says:

    Some aspects of this story sound appealing, but I think I’ll just make note of her other series instead.

  3. Margot: yes, I´m sure you would enjoy that aspect much more than I did.

    Kelly: good idea! Anna Lee is a great protagonist.

  4. I’m not sure it’s my thing but I’ll try the other books you suggested.

  5. Petty Witter says:

    I can’t help but think this must be a sad book, even the title somehow makes me feel sad.

  6. Clarissa: the danger of so many viewpoints is the story seems repetitive so what Cody did in her series was much safer.

    Tracy: it is sad, and in the beginning I cared a lot about the poor teenage girl who was killed, but after what felt like several hundred pages I almost forgot.

  7. Patti Abbott says:

    I used to read each one of LCs but none lately. I am truly on the one book-one author track now. You’d have to blow me away to get my attention after one. Okay, Kate Atkinson did, but her novels are more about character than plot. Jackson Brody is peripheral mostly.

  8. I am definitely going to have to give this book a try! It looks fantastic :).

  9. Rachel: and the premise was good; the middle part was just far too long for me 😉

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