Lene Kaaberbøl, Kadaverdoktoren (2010)

[This Danish thriller by Lene Kaaberbøl, one half of the boy-in-the-suitcase duo, is the first in a series of historical fiction. It is set in France in the 1890s and offers a very strong and stubborn female protagonist who never accepts the restricting conventions for women of her time. Not translated yet, but I am confident it will be]  

Foregår i 1890erne i en fransk provinsby.

Trods titlen er det Madeleine Karno, kadaverdoktorens unge, videbegærlige datter, som er den egentlige hovedperson.

Bogen byder på spændende personer, ukonventionelle kvinder som ikke lader sig bremse af deres køn og besværlige skørter, og et forrygende drama, som har en hel del med mider og parasitter at gøre. Skøn og anderledes historisk krimi som anbefales varmt. Jeg har heldigvis hørt fra Lene selv, at hun er i fuld gang med næste bind i serien.


About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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9 Responses to Lene Kaaberbøl, Kadaverdoktoren (2010)

  1. Amanda Mac says:

    I do love historical fiction, although am not that into French history. Coincidentally enough, I have just started reading Boy in a suitcase. Not sure yet whether I like the subject matter, being a child that is the victim… but will hold out my judgement on this author and book until I have finished this one…..

  2. Dorte H says:

    Amanda: I think that is a really good idea – but NO SPOILERS 😉

  3. Petty Witter says:

    looks like a good read, I’m hoping this will be translated at some point.

  4. Dorte H says:

    Tracy: as the book she co-authored, “The Boy in the Suitcase”, seems to sell really well, I am sure this one will also be translated eventually.

  5. kathy d. says:

    Would I be correct in assuming that this title literally means “Cadaver Doctor,” i.e., “Coroner”?
    Hope it is translated although forensics isn’t my genre of choice, but I love books by women about strong women protagonists. And, yes, I thought The Boy in the Suitcase was an excellent, stay up all night kind of book with a fascinating woman character. Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Dorte H says:

    Kathy: yes, the modern word would be coroner, but this is more like ´carcass doctor´ 🙂
    And there is not as much about forensics as in modern series of that ilk as they didn´t know that much then. Hope that made sense. But Madeleine Karno is very much for science and progress which makes her a great sleuth.
    I am so glad you liked “The Suitcase” – I have read three in the series and enjoyed them all.

  7. kathy d. says:

    Sounds good to me even if it’s about a “carcass doctor”! I like the science aspect and strong women characters.
    I have no idea what Kaaberbol and Friis have in store for their readers in books 2 and 3, but I feel like a child at the holidays waiting for the gifts.
    Now if only Indridason would write about Elinborg again, but I don’t think that’s happening, alas.

  8. Margot Kinberg says:

    Dorte – I hope this one is translated soon! It looks really interesting and I do like historical fiction…

  9. Dorte H says:

    Kathy, the ´carcass doctor´ is probably mainly to signal it is historical fiction 🙂

    Margot: I am pretty sure you´d appreciate Madeleine Karno.

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