Goodbye to reviewing

As I explained in my New Year´s post, I seem to have mislaid my enthusiasm for reviewing the books I read. Now I have tried blogging sporadically, but my conclusion is that it is too difficult for me to juggle work, health, family, writing fiction and maintaining an interesting blog.

So what now?

Obviously I want to stay in touch with as many of you as possible, and I have not quite made up my mind if I should keep posting flash fiction and news about my writing career here. I might, especially as it has been such fun to write stories together with you.

But the easy solution would be to invite you to be my friends on Facebook and/or Goodreads. My ordinary facebook wall is for ´miscellaneous´, but I also have writer´s pages:

Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen, crime writer

Forfatter Dorte Hummelshøj

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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25 Responses to Goodbye to reviewing

  1. Beth F says:

    Yikes! But I totally understand. Something has to give. I don’t leave comments the way I used to for that very reason. I do like hearing about your writing and what you’re reading, but maybe Facebook and Twitter will be easier for you.

  2. Dorte, I understand your situation. Family, health and work in that order are top priorities for me too while blogging, no matter how much fun and satisfying, often takes a backseat for personal and professional reasons. Even if you don’t review books, I hope you’ll continue to stay in touch through some form of writing on your blog, especially since I’m neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

  3. Barbara says:

    I completely understand, Dorte, especially since I have fatigue issues too. I’ll miss your reviews, but I’ve just clicked on Like on your crime writer page on Facebook. I hope that will get me your updates. I don’t want to lose touch with you as I consider you one of my virtual friends who keep me sane. Take care of yourself and use the extra time for your writing as well as family please.

  4. Bill Selnes says:

    Dorte: I hope you can keep up expressing your thoughts on books. I enjoy reading them. Having made those comments I am trying to express appreciation not press you to blog. Should you decide to return to reviewing books you can always return to your blog. I would be there to read it again.

  5. Margot Kinberg says:

    Dorte – How I will miss your reviews! But I of course respect your decision completely. I hope you will still post your flash fiction and writing news. And of course, please come round to our blogs as you can.

  6. harvee says:

    See you on facebook! Good lulck with your writing!

  7. seana says:

    Well, we already are friends over on Goodreads, so that’s not a problem. But I wonder if you might want to just leave the blog up and just post reviews as the spirit and leisure move you. I don’t see much reason to take the blog down, as people will be able to find some good reviews on books they might just be getting around to, and you may find that once it doesn’t seem such an obligation, you may want to tell us all about some book that has gotten a thumbs up from you.

    Just food for thought.

  8. Beth: I have to use facebook anyway as I have hundreds of friends and contacts there.
    Prashant: it may be a solution to inform you once in a while when new things happen in my writing life.
    Barbara: I knew all my friends would understand. I really worry about ME having to keep anyone sane, but I´m relieved facebook works for you 🙂
    Bill: thank you. Never say never, but today I feel relieved that I made the decision and posted it immediately.
    Margot: well, who knows when I need the help of all you wonderful people to write a new story. The latest sells fairly well 😉
    See you, Harvee.
    Seana: I didn´t intend to take it down or anything. Most of all I wanted to ´warn´ people that if I blog occasionally in the future, it will probably be about my books, not other people´s.

  9. Kelly says:

    I’d hate to see you give up your blog entirely, but I understand that life has its priorities. I don’t do FB, so I’ll start following you on Twitter in case you make any important announcements that don’t end up here. After all, I’d hate to miss the release of your next Knavesborough cozy! 🙂

  10. Joanne says:

    I understand your predicament. It’s a good and positive move. Plus I’m interested in reading about your books rather than other people’s. I already like your writer’s Page. I’ve joined Goodreads too (not very active), so I’ll friend you there. Enjoy your week. 🙂

  11. of course you must do what works for you ad your fiction shoul come before other people’s. please don’t take it personally that I don’t join you on FB – nothing can make me join, I even have family members who I barely keep up with because I refuse to join, but I hope to spot you elsewhere on the web and do wish you the best of luck with your writing

  12. Kelly: I promise I will do my best to keep lovers of Knavesborough posted 🙂
    Joanne: thank you. I really appreciate the way so many of you support me.
    Bernadette: no need to make excuses. I am not sure I´d have joined FB if I hadn´t been a writer. I have just found it convenient to keep in touch with many different circles of friends, relatives, writers and other acquaintances in one place.

  13. bookwitch says:

    It’s a lot less work to blog about personal stuff. You can be briefer and less businesslike than with a review.

  14. KerrieS says:

    What about a monthly “what I read this month” Dorte? You have pointed me to so many interesting books.

  15. Heather says:

    Visits to your blog have got me reading more mystery novels of a wider variety. I had some how forgotten how much I enjoyed reading mysteries, but hadn’t read any in several years. Now I have a good stash that I am slowly reading at. Keep on with your writing and we’ll hear from you I have no doubt.

  16. Poly says:

    Oh, I just lost all of me comment! Anyway, here goes again!
    I like KerrieS comment “what I read this month” . That’s a good idea.
    Personally I like Facebook for the same reason you stated.
    Perhaps you could add two links here for your Facebook-pages, – like the picture-links of your two books: Anna Märklin and A Yorkshire mystery. And perhaps write: Click this page for more information, – or whatever suits you style. That way you could keep your fan-feeds up-to-date without “repeating” the writing! And juggle all “the needs” with less time!!
    Also, those that are not on Facebook, can still read your Facebook-pages via a link without having a Facebook themselves. For it is only for “comments” one has to be logged into Facebook. And by keeping this blog -especially for those non-facebooks readers – it is possible to leave comment here via the comment field(s).
    Well, that could solve your lack of time, and make possible, – “to stay in touch with as many of you as possible”, as you mentioned.

  17. Petty Witter says:

    Though I shall without a doubt miss you I can understand your reasons. I’m just glad that you have let us know of your decision as I find it so painful when a blogger simply disappears and I’m left wondering what became of them, if all is well with them and theirs. Glad to hear will still be able to keep in touch via FB and the other sites you mention as I’d hate to lose contact altogether. Good luck with whatever you eventually decide.

  18. kathy d. says:

    Understand totally, as I have “fatigue” problems as well. Hope that you get needed rest in spite of your busy schedule and obligations.
    I don’t do Facebook either, as some of my blogmates have expressed, however, I certainly can read your Facebook page, which I will try to do regularly.
    We’ll miss your reviews and your great wit (and your photos of yourself on stilts!) Hopefully, you can continue to make comments on other blogs, but whatever you need to do it’s understood.

  19. I vote for more flash, when you have the time and energy!

  20. Ann says:

    I hope you don’t discontinue your blog as I love hearing about your stories and what you have going on. I know how you feel though. Now I am the grandmother of one month old twins and a 14 month old, I rarely have time to breath these days.
    Please stay in touch (I’m not a big fan of Facebook).

  21. Norman Price says:

    Dorte please continue to blog at least to keep us up to date on your interesting activities even if you don’t have time to review books. I love your photos of rural Denmark and Sweden. I am suffering from reading fatigue [only 200 pages this month! caused by stress so I know how you feel.

  22. Thank you so much for all your nice comments and your great ideas!
    No promises, but I will see if I can post occasionally to tell you I am alive and reading and writing.

  23. p881 says:

    It is very time consuming. But as my kids are grown, my parents dead, my job gone, I have the time. I certainly don’t know how other people do it. Best to you and hope to see you here and there. Patti Abbott

  24. Hi Dorte – I very much look forward to keeping in touch with you by whatever means. And thanks for all your lovely posts over the past few years.

  25. Thank you, Patti and Martin.

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