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Having good friends

Battery running low and I am running off to visit family, but again a warm thank you to a blog friend for a wonderful and generous post about my writings. Thank you very much, Prashant.

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Recycling an old Christmas tree, I’ll wish you all a merry Christmas. As you probably know, we celebrate it tonight.

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I know that dictionaries define this word differently, but really, how can it mean anything but “new book struck by a meteor shower of stars”? 🙂 “Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles” is still a new-born babe, but yesterday I received three … Continue reading

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Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles

My shaky hand pushed the button a few hours ago, and look –  my brand new book is out there in the wild and scary world. Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles A psychological mystery, set in Scandinavia. This is the story … Continue reading

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Just in time for Christmas

Finally! After a long struggle with legal obstacles, I am now able to publish my Scandinavian mystery, “Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles” in English. It will be available on Amazon next week. This one is neither cosy nor hard-boiled, and I … Continue reading

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