Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles

My shaky hand pushed the button a few hours ago, and look –  my brand new book is out there in the wild and scary world.

Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles

A psychological mystery, set in Scandinavia.

This is the story of a young Danish woman, whose life is in a rut. Anna Storm is unemployed, her father is seriously ill, and her best friend and neighbour receives mysterious threats. Anna is a very ordinary antihero, so even when her friend dies unexpectedly, she keeps burying her head in the sand.

Then she finds her Swedish grandmother’s old notesbooks, however. Anna is spellbound by the beautiful drawings and the sweet story of her grandmother’s everyday life. Finally, she has found a worthy project to engage in. As she reads her grandmother’s family chronicles, it dawns on her that the books are not suitable for children at all, but that the sinister story which is hidden between the lines may give Anna a much needed push. Anna wakes up – but is it too late?

For readers of my Knavesborough series: please note that this book is not a cosy mystery, and I do not recommend it for children.

About Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen

I am a Danish teacher. In my spare time I read, write and review crime fiction.
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20 Responses to Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles

  1. Kelly says:

    I’ve just bought it!! Looking forward to reading it soon!

  2. Margot Kinberg says:

    Congratulations, Dorte! How very exciting!

  3. Congratulations Dorte I’m glad you got your legal troubles sorted out.

  4. Congratulations Dorte. I’ve just started reading it … looking good!

  5. Bernadette: thank you! It has been an exaspirating autumn.
    Margaret: oh, that sounds great. I must admit that publishing this book is hair-raising because it means so much more to me than my humorous cosy mysteries.

  6. I’m hooked. Sounds just what I what to read. I am off to buy it on my kindle now..

  7. Reblogged this on Something to Ponder About and commented:
    If you a fan of Scandinavian crime, this new book sounds perfect for you. I can’t wait to read it.

  8. Oh, that is so kind of you, Amanda!

  9. Congratulations again, Dorte! I’m going to write about Anna Märklin’s Family Chronicles on my blog this weekend. I hope you don’t mind. I like the thought of reading a psychological mystery, set in Scandinavia, not recommended for children.

  10. Prashant: I am so happy that I have so many friends and acquaintances who are willing to help me spread the word! I have been trying to write a bit about the book and myself, but to me it seems much easier to write a whole novel than write a few lines about me. I have tried, though, and I have just sent you an e-mail.

  11. Dorte, I received your email, thank you very much. I look forward to featuring your book and I sincerely hope it will help spread the word, especially among readers in India who don’t read much outside of American and British fiction.

  12. Your help is much appreciated! 🙂

  13. Amanda Mac says:

    Dorte, I can’t find the book on my kindle. Your others are there, but not this one???

  14. Where did you buy it? Perhaps you haven’t downloaded it?
    Please tell me if you can’t get it; then I’ll just send you a Smashwords coupon.

  15. I think it may be because they spelled my middle name differently first. It should be alright now; at least it pops up on the same page as my other books now.

  16. Amanda Mac says:

    Yep. All good now. Downloaded! Thanks

  17. Heather says:

    such wonderful news. Congratulations. must read the other that I already have and then to this one.

  18. Heather: I am so sorry I didn’t respond to this lovely comment. My only excuse is that Dec. 24th is when we celebrate Christmas in this weird country 🙂

  19. Kristy Lara says:

    By the end of the last week in April 1957 and every Sunday evening thereafter, Jacobsen began to recount her life story and her experiences in Harpoot (Turkey) to the children of the “Danish Bird’s Nest”. I was eleven years old then and still remember her telling us the vivid and emotional stories that are now documented in her diary. She felt compelled to explain to us why she wrote so intensely in her diary. The diary functioned as her only sanctuary to take refuge from the daily inhumanity practiced by the Turks and Kurds against Armenians. The atrocities she witnessed during the Armenian massacres had so appalled her that she could only talk about them them in her diary.

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