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Christine Poulson, Murder is Academic (2004)

The first novel in the Cambridge Mystery series, featuring professor Cassandra James. This is how the prologue begins: “It’s hard now to remember what first struck me as not being quite right, but I think it was the garden sprinkler.” … Continue reading

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Peter May, The Blackhouse (2011)

“We lived in what was known as a whitehouse, about half a mile outside the village of Crobost. It was part of the community they called Ness, on the extreme northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, the most northerly … Continue reading

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Thy’s Day # 69

A few days ago, a good friend asked me to participate in a Facebook meme. She wanted me to post five everyday pictures on my wall. As a result, I have plenty of pictures of the flowers around our cottage … Continue reading

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Martin Edwards, Take My Breath Away (ebook)

The British writer Martin Edwards is an old blog friend, and he belongs to the small circle of writers I have met in real life. His crime novel, Take My Breath Away, was first published in 2002, and I wrote … Continue reading

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North Sea Cottage PUBLISHED

Finally, it’s out there. My novella, set by the harsh, Danish west coast. I shared the first scene with you last week – Tora Skammelsen leaves her home in Aalborg and moves into her aunt’s old cottage by the sea. … Continue reading

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Cup Cake Crime

My cousin and his wife have a sideline, creating the most amazing cup cakes. The other days he had a downright brilliant idea: cup cakes adorned with crime novels. Besides, he has such a good taste – anyone who can … Continue reading

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Coming soon: North Sea Cottage

For several reasons, it has been difficult for me to plan my writing life and my publications the last year or so. So though I sent out two short stories in April, I am ready to publish my first English … Continue reading

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