I am a Danish author who lives in the beautiful region of Thy. I read & write crime fiction, and occasionally I review a book.

I prefer traditional mysteries & police procedurals, but I do read cosy mysteries (often) and thrillers (occasionally).

My books are published by Candied Crime, our small family publishing company.

My fiction om Amazon and  Smashwords.

For Danish readers – my Danish books are sold via our homepage www.candiedcrime.com

Contact: you can get in touch with me here  dortehummelshoj (at) gmail.com and also via facebook.

The company e-mail: candiedcrime (at) gmail.com

3 Responses to About

  1. Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying your blog a lot, DJ, and thought I’d put a link to it from my own – crimetimepreview.com
    regards, Robin

  2. Hi Robin,
    Nice to meet you, and I am really glad you like my blog.
    Best, Dorte

  3. Heidi Stephansen says:

    Jeg elsker en god krimi 🙂 Denne blog vil jeg sidde og hygge mig med 🙂

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