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Flu, fly, flum…

Delirious? Not quite – but decidedly unwell all of last week. A short report of what I read (as you won´t want to hear what else I was doing)   June Whyte, Chasing Can Be Murder (2010) Australian debut, amateur … Continue reading

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Adrian Hyland, Gunshot Road (2010)

This Australian crime story is the second in the series about Emily Tempest. This book has a bit of everything, including humour: “He went to the kitchen window and said something to a steamy man in a once-white singlet whose … Continue reading

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>Brian Kavanagh, Capable of Murder (2005)

> This Australian novel is the first Belinda Lawrence mystery. Belinda is invited to the West Country to visit her aunt Jane in Milford, near Bath. But here is what meets her: “As her eyes grew accustomed to the imperceptible … Continue reading

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>Malla Nunn, A Beautiful Place to Die (2009)

> This debut is written by an Astralian author, born in South Africa. The setting is South Africa of the 1950s, a country marred by rigid race laws and strict hierarchies, making police work an intricate act of balance. The … Continue reading

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>Leah Giarratano, Black Ice (2009)

> This Australian police procedural is the third in the series about detective Jill Jackson. I won it in a competition on Kerrie´s blog: Mysteries in Paradise One of the main characters is Detective Sergeant Jill Jackson who works under … Continue reading

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>Down Under

> From Wales I am heading South – down under – or perhaps down and out? The environment certainly has an underground feel. “Seren ignored the sting of the fly sucking blood from her ankle. She pushed her lips into … Continue reading

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>Peter Temple, Bad Debts (1996)

>[Denne australske krimi er ikke oversat til dansk, men det er den prisbelønnede “Den knuste kyst” fra 2008] Australian debut, the first in the Jack Irish series, and my first Global Reading Challenge Review. A taste of the style (p … Continue reading

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>Helen Fitzgerald, Dead Lovely (2007)

>This thriller is the author´s debut. Helen Fitzgerald grew up in Australia, but has made her career as a writer in Glasgow. As the bait quotation shows, we are told on the very first page that Krissie, the main character, … Continue reading

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>Michael Robotham, Drowning Man aka Lost (2005)

>[Ikke oversat til dansk] This thriller is Australian writer Robotham´s second. Again it takes place in London, and the psychologist Joe O´Loughlin features, but this time the main protagonist is DI Vincent Ruiz (second fiddle in the first novel). Robotham … Continue reading

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>Kerry Greenwood, Murder in the Dark (2006)

>[Denne bog er ikke oversat til dansk – kan lånes på engelsk via danske biblioteker]Cozy Mystery Reading Challenge # 3 This cozy mystery is from Australia, the 16th in the Phryne Fisher series. The story takes place in Victoria in … Continue reading

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