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Catherine Sampson, Out of Mind (2005)

This crime novel is the second in the British Robin Ballantyne series. Robin Ballantyne is a TV journalist, working for the Corporation. Her colleague Melanie Jacobs has gone missing (for some reason she is called Melanie Trent on the back … Continue reading

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>Falling Off Stairs

>See my review of Falling Off Air. As Robin Ballantyne´s older sister Lorna suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), this illness is one of the themes of the book. It is not that relevant for the plot, still it made … Continue reading

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>Catherine Sampson, Falling Off Air (2004)

> This British novel is the first Robin Ballantyne story and Sampson´s debut as a writer of fiction. “I am about to pull the curtains and shut out the weather when, at the margin of my vision, a woman falls … Continue reading

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