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Lovely reviews

As you know, if you follow this blog regularly, I have published two short stories and a novella during the last couple of months. It is harder to get reviews for short pieces, but some days you wake up to … Continue reading

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Red Shoes – just around the corner.

I have been busy editing for weeks, and today I have checked the formatting of a new anthology. “The Red Shoes” is right around the corner. Faithful blog readers will remember “The Red Shoes” about Chief Inspector Snowflake who cannot … Continue reading

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Reading in July

Nothing much to brag about, but I have finished two cosy mysteries lately. One is Emma Jameson´s “Ice Blue”, the first novel in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series. Not unexpectedly, it is much like a modern-day Lord Peter Wimsey, … Continue reading

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Taking the Paper Plunge

I don´t know why I have been a writer for more than a year without even considering paper books. Or to be precise, I have just rejected the idea because I was sure it would be too complicated for someone … Continue reading

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Knavesborough revisited

Finally, back in Knavesborough. I have a few days´ rest in between exams, and I am determined to make the most of them. So I have picked up “The Halloween Murderer” where I got stuck more than a year ago. … Continue reading

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Writing news

Two important steps: First, both “The Cosy Knave” and “The Charity Shop” do amazingly well in the USA. My knave has been on the Kindle top 10,000 a couple of times lately, and I don´t think that is so bad … Continue reading

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Again, a reading report from my corner of the world. The first one was a gift, I bought the other two myself. Simon Beckett, Whispers of the Dead (2009) I enjoyed the third David Hunter mystery a lot, but I … Continue reading

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