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>Catherine Sampson, Falling Off Air (2004)

> This British novel is the first Robin Ballantyne story and Sampson´s debut as a writer of fiction. “I am about to pull the curtains and shut out the weather when, at the margin of my vision, a woman falls … Continue reading

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>Belinda Bauer, Blacklands (2010)

> This thriller is a British debut. Eleven-year-old Steven suffers from lack of attention. His grumpy granny and his single mother have never got over the fact that Uncle Billy disappeared nineteen years ago. The little boy was killed by … Continue reading

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>Vanda Symon, Overkill (2007)

> This police procedural from New Zealand is the first volume of the Sam Shephard series. Gabriella thinks she lets a telephone repairman into her house, but her visitor has something else in store for the young mother. After the … Continue reading

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>Ann Rosman, Fyrmesterens datter (2010)

> Denne svenske krimi er forfatterens debut. Nogle polske håndværkere finder et lig i murværket mens de er i færd med at restaurere fyrtårnet Pater Noster. Men bygmesteren har en stram deadline og kan ikke tillade sig forsinkelse, så i … Continue reading

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>John Buchan, The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915)

> This so-called dime novel is the Scottish writer´s debut. After several years in South Africa Richard Hannay feels terribly bored by the London weather and his countrymen. “…the amusements of London seemed as flat as soda-water that has been … Continue reading

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>Alan Bradley, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (2009)

> [Dansk titel: Flavia de Luce og hævneren fra Ulster, 2010. De to første kapitler kan læses på Saxos hjemmeside]  This debut is written by a Canadian but set in Britain in the 1950s. On the very first page eleven-year-old … Continue reading

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>Cathryn Grant, The Demise of the Soccer Moms (2010)

> This American suspense novel is the writer´s debut. “After a moment of silence, a thud shook the walls of the living room and the hallway outside Amy´s bedroom. Her mother yelped. Amy rolled onto her back. The walls shivered … Continue reading

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>Tim Comstock, Reunion in Carmel (2010)

> This thriller is the American writer´s debut. On the first page, we meet a decapitated body and the anonymous killer during a violent storm: “Another maimed form lay on the wet sand, its topmost part shorn away by the … Continue reading

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>Liz Rigbey, Total Eclipse (1995)

> This crime novel is a debut. Liz (Elizabeth) Rigbey grew up in America but lives in Britain today. The astronomer Lomax sees the new assistant, the pretty and fragile Julia Fox, and is infatuated by her immediately. She applied … Continue reading

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>Karen Campbell, The Twilight Time (2008)

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