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Guess who…

This is definitely an unfair teaser as the book is a review copy, hence brand-new. But perhaps some of you recognize the series. “Justine stopped working on the windshield and looked directly at E… Although among Traditionalists that would have … Continue reading

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Guess who or what…

As this novel is a standalone, there is no famous protagonist to describe, but perhaps some of my brilliant readers can guess who the writer is – or even which book it is. “Her Orlando apartment was cramped and smelly, … Continue reading

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Guess who…

Two teasers about the protagonist of my next review: “Fifteen years and all he had to show were an amount of self-pity and a busted marriage with an innocent daughter hanging between them. It was more disgusting than sad.” “Often … Continue reading

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Two-Sentence Tuesday

It is Tuesday, isn´t it? For once I am busy writ… translating “Anna Märklin” so see you later. The story is told through two female characters,  Anna Storm and her grandmother Anna Märklin. As Anna Storm approaches her thirtieth birthday, … Continue reading

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Guess who…

A quotation from my current read: “When he took his jacket off and dropped it over the back of a chair it was like a Bedouin pitching camp. He had a big head, greying now; big eyes, short-sighted, but losing … Continue reading

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Just teasing…

I am doing my best to tear myself away from the latest sudoku magazine. So far I have read the first few pages of two books. Look at these teasers – do you know me well enough to guess which … Continue reading

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Sample Sunday

[aka Trying to Conquer the Germans 😉 ] A sample of “The Cosy Knave”, the last scene of chapter 1. ———————————— Though Rose would rather swallow her own tongue than voice her agreement, Olivia Cadbury-Flake was not the only inhabitant … Continue reading

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