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Ian Rankin, Knots and Crosses (1987)

As some of you guessed, the quotations of the other day were from the first Scottish Inspector Rebus police procedural. I could have added the following paragraph about the setting: “Edinburg slept on, as it had slept on for hundreds … Continue reading

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Reginald Hill, A Clubbable Woman (1970)

As several of my bright and well-read readers guessed, my quotation was from the first, British Dalziel and Pascoe police procedural. I am sure most translators of fiction do their best, and I am not one of those readers who … Continue reading

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John Lawton, Black Out (1995)

(A last-minute review for ´Bogudfordringen 2011´. October = historical event). This is the first volume of the British Frederick Troy series. “The fat boy stared, anxious to believe what he could see clearly for the first time. The shaggy hound … Continue reading

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Jefferson Bass, The Bone Yard (2011)

“Jefferson Bass” = Bill Bass & Jon Jefferson. The story is the sixth volume in the American body farm series. I have not read any of the earlier books, but I received this book for free during CrimeFest (probably one … Continue reading

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Ann Cleeves, Blue Lightning (2010)

This is the fourth Shetland Quartet police procedural, featuring Jimmy Perez. “Fran sat with her eyes closed. The small plane dropped suddenly, seemed to fall from the sky then levelled for a moment before tilting like a fairground ride. She … Continue reading

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Susanne Staun, Hilsen fra Rexville (2011)

Nogle bøger glæder man sig bare så meget til at man er nødt til at tigge om et anmeldereksemplar og glemme alt om de 70 andre som venter på hylden. Bogen er den anden i Stauns nye serie om retsmedicineren … Continue reading

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Liz Rigbey, Summer Time (2003)

This is the writer´s second standalone. Liz (or Elizabeth) Rigbey grew up in America but lives in the UK today. My review of her debut. The first lines: “My mother told my sister and me this story many times. How … Continue reading

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