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Helen Grant, The Glass Demon (2011)

I began reading this novel before our holiday in Norway and went back to it afterwards. So with my short memory span, it is difficult to come up with a good review. (Excellent excuse, wasn’t it?) So here is the … Continue reading

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Jens Østergaard, The Dragon, the Singer, the Hero

(Danish crime story, not translated into English) I visited our local library two weeks ago to try some of their recent, Scandinavian crime fiction. In my circles, Jens Østergaard is quite the buzzword these days, and I agree that he … Continue reading

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Laura Lippman, Charm City (1992)

Tess Monaghan # 2 I first met Tess Monaghan because I fell for the cover of The Girl in the Green Raincoat. Lovely protagonist – after two novels, I feel like I know her. If you like series like Sue … Continue reading

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Christine Poulson, Murder is Academic (2004)

The first novel in the Cambridge Mystery series, featuring professor Cassandra James. This is how the prologue begins: “It’s hard now to remember what first struck me as not being quite right, but I think it was the garden sprinkler.” … Continue reading

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Peter May, The Blackhouse (2011)

“We lived in what was known as a whitehouse, about half a mile outside the village of Crobost. It was part of the community they called Ness, on the extreme northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, the most northerly … Continue reading

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JJ Marsh, Behind Closed Doors

As far as I remember, I got the e-book as part of a free promotion. When I realized this book was about some international conspiracy, a row of murders dressed up as suicides, I thought, ‘oh no, this is so … Continue reading

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Mary Anne Evans, Artifacts

*** ARTIFACTS is the first Faye Longchamp mystery, published in 2011. As far as I remember, I got the Kindle book for free. The setting is an old plantation along the Florida coast, and the main character, Faye Longchamp, is … Continue reading

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Review policy

For my faithful readers: I plan to blog occasionally again – probably a couple of times a week. Two or three reviews per months, plus occasional photos from my part of the world and news about my own writings, for … Continue reading

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Reading in July

Nothing much to brag about, but I have finished two cosy mysteries lately. One is Emma Jameson´s “Ice Blue”, the first novel in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series. Not unexpectedly, it is much like a modern-day Lord Peter Wimsey, … Continue reading

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Hans Schmidt Petersen, The Snail´s House (2009)

Not translated into English (yet?), but I am sure many of you would enjoy this series. A Danish police procedural, “Sneglens hus”. A very promising debut, and I liked two aspects especially. First, even though the story deals with a … Continue reading

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