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A bout of Sophie Hannah

After having stared at volume four of the Charlie Zailer and Simon Waterhouse series for two years, I broke down and added to my TBR by ordering volume three. As the kind donor of book four and five said, it … Continue reading

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>Sophie Hannah, Hurting Distance (2007)

> This thriller is the Scottish poet and writer´s seventh novel. Though Naomi Jenkins only gets three hours a week together with her lover, she feels happy and expectant, certain Robert will leave his wife soon and begin a new … Continue reading

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>Bait in the Box # 10 & Competition

> [The charming old suitcase is my own, and a very suitable ´box´ for this week´s competition] You may have read this English novel without thinking of it as a crime novel. Nevertheless there is a crime which is solved … Continue reading

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>Sophie Hannah, Little Face (2006)

> [Bogen er desværre ikke oversat til dansk] This British novel is the first in a series, and the author´s crime fiction debut. Young Alice Fancourt marries David, the single father of Felix, and move into his rich, generous mother´s … Continue reading

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