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Summer Hot

No, it´s not exactly the weather. But they (all the experienced Kindle authors) say July is the slowest month of the year so I leant back and expected fewer sales. Perhaps there are, but “The Cosy Knave” has not suffered, … Continue reading

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Taking the Paper Plunge

I don´t know why I have been a writer for more than a year without even considering paper books. Or to be precise, I have just rejected the idea because I was sure it would be too complicated for someone … Continue reading

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I know it is not done. Writers do not share their sales figures – unless they are in the Amanda Hocking league. But today I´ll just forget about what other writers do because I know you will all be so … Continue reading

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Writing news

Two important steps: First, both “The Cosy Knave” and “The Charity Shop” do amazingly well in the USA. My knave has been on the Kindle top 10,000 a couple of times lately, and I don´t think that is so bad … Continue reading

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My Writing Life

I know I have not been as present here as I used to, and my blog rounds have also suffered a lot recently, but after a tough period with too much work plus private worries, I have more time on … Continue reading

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Sample Sunday

[aka Trying to Conquer the Germans 😉 ] A sample of “The Cosy Knave”, the last scene of chapter 1. ———————————— Though Rose would rather swallow her own tongue than voice her agreement, Olivia Cadbury-Flake was not the only inhabitant … Continue reading

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Indie Snippets feature The Cosy Knave

Thank you to Bryan, Indie Snippets, for featuring “The Cosy Knave” today. “Half-time,” Evy sighed, staring helplessly at Rhapsody. Perhaps she had begun to wonder if Tuxford´s elephantine screen was such a good idea after all. If you are an … Continue reading

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Calling in the British Troops

After nearly a month I have noticed that “The Cosy Knave” sells reasonably well on and, and a couple of readers have come back to write some of those reviews which are so important for new writers! The … Continue reading

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A Sticky Poll

For some reason, the Amazon guys do not put any of those helpful stickers on ebooks. So here are my own suggestions for what to put on “The Cosy Knave”. Which one is your favourite? Feel free to add your … Continue reading

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The Cosy Knave – a Launch Relay Race

These days it seems that most writers embark on a comprehensive blog tour when they publish a new book. I think it is a great idea, but as I mentioned the other day, it is not really possible for me. … Continue reading

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