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Summer Hot

No, it´s not exactly the weather. But they (all the experienced Kindle authors) say July is the slowest month of the year so I leant back and expected fewer sales. Perhaps there are, but “The Cosy Knave” has not suffered, … Continue reading

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Taking the Paper Plunge

I don´t know why I have been a writer for more than a year without even considering paper books. Or to be precise, I have just rejected the idea because I was sure it would be too complicated for someone … Continue reading

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I know it is not done. Writers do not share their sales figures – unless they are in the Amanda Hocking league. But today I´ll just forget about what other writers do because I know you will all be so … Continue reading

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Writing news

Two important steps: First, both “The Cosy Knave” and “The Charity Shop” do amazingly well in the USA. My knave has been on the Kindle top 10,000 a couple of times lately, and I don´t think that is so bad … Continue reading

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My Writing Life

I know I have not been as present here as I used to, and my blog rounds have also suffered a lot recently, but after a tough period with too much work plus private worries, I have more time on … Continue reading

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Sample Sunday

[aka Trying to Conquer the Germans 😉 ] A sample of “The Cosy Knave”, the last scene of chapter 1. ———————————— Though Rose would rather swallow her own tongue than voice her agreement, Olivia Cadbury-Flake was not the only inhabitant … Continue reading

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Indie Snippets feature The Cosy Knave

Thank you to Bryan, Indie Snippets, for featuring “The Cosy Knave” today. “Half-time,” Evy sighed, staring helplessly at Rhapsody. Perhaps she had begun to wonder if Tuxford´s elephantine screen was such a good idea after all. If you are an … Continue reading

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