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Thy’s Day # 68

Our sunsets here by the Danish Vesterhav – by some of you called the North Sea  – are fabulous. The camera overdoes it a bit but I hope you get the impression.

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Thy’s Day # 67

First, two photos which show you the view from the best writing corner in the world – our cottage by the North Sea. Now with crisp and delicious grill flowers 🙂 Second, my husband wanted to prove that though Thy … Continue reading

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Summer Struck

Should be editing, and I have done some, but we have just been struck by the most wonderful summer sunshine. The garden called and I grabbed my camera.

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Handicap race :)

March – when middle-aged women think they are spring chickens. Thank you to Elisabeth, my photographer.    

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Hide and Seek

Yesterday, a charming little fellow wanted to play hide-and-seek with my daughters. Can you spot their new playmate? NB: I have written most of the promised crime story (see below), but I never begin publishing stories until I have at … Continue reading

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What the Weather Man says…

Yesterday we visited friends in Vorupør (where our cottage is situated and the village next to Stenbjerg I have shown you several pictures of earlier). The weather was changeable and interesting, and my husband left the table early to get … Continue reading

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Thy´s Day # 66

Gimme a hand.

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Thy´s Day # 60

Recently, my husband and I went for an evening trip to Stenbjerg, a small village a few km from our cottage – and one of the most idyllic fishing villages that are left in Denmark. So for a couple of … Continue reading

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Thy´s Day # 59

I have finally spent a day or two in a proper holidayish fashion, darting around in beautiful Thy, snapping pictures for your benefit. Sjørring Vold is an old embankment (vold = bank or rampart), but today one of the main … Continue reading

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Thy´s Day # 58

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