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>Principles for Reviews

>Principles? Why write about principles as I have survived a whole year of blogging about crime fiction without having any? The main reason is that recently publishers have begun contacting me, offering me review examples of books. Wonderful, but also … Continue reading

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>Kate Mosse, Sepulchre (2009)

>Jeg kan godt lide at læse en historisk krimi nu og da, og hvis forfatteren kan sit kram, gør det ikke noget, at den er på over 700 sider. Men efter ca 50 sider lagde jeg Sepulchre til side, uden … Continue reading

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>Robert Goddard, Never Go Back (2006)

>This British thriller is the third in the Harry Barnett series. Ten old soldier buddies who participated in an experiment fifty years earlier agree to meet in Scotland. One of them is Harry Barnett who is now happily married and … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day

> Our yard in a blizzard– or perhaps I happened to step out in Narnia?

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>DJ´s Bait in the Box # 53

> [Julia´s wonderful tin IS a clue – though it may be misleading] This week the book is sheer gambling, I have no idea whether you read this kind of thriller or not, but let us see – I know … Continue reading

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>O for Olsen

>For this week´s alphabet meme, hosted by Kerrie, I have chosen a Danish novel about police work. The book in question is Frode Z. Olsen´s Hunde spiser kød heste spiser græs, 2002 (Dogs eat meat, horses eat grass). Is the … Continue reading

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>Kreativ Blogger Award

>Thank you very much to Søren of Sørens bogblog for this award. A special thank you for your words about my blog: “To Dorte who with her experimenting pen, her enormous knowledge and her social engagement connects the crime lovers … Continue reading

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>Henning Mankell, Mordere uden ansigt (1992)

>Denne krimi er ikke Mankells debut, men den første i Kurt Wallander-serien. Hesten, som ikke vrinsker om natten, vækker en gammel landmand i Skåne. Han står ud af sengen, og i vinterkulden bevæger han sig over til nabogården for at … Continue reading

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>This post was not quite what I had in mind for today. I have half a review on my computer, but my befuddled head is not much better than Blogger. At least I know what way to turn a photo … Continue reading

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>Thy´s Day

> Geez, this is cold.

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