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It´s Sweden´s Day # 11

Interior of the beautiful church

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Published: Christmas in Knavesborough

I found it difficult to figure out when was the best time to publish my collection of Christmas stories so the other day I just went ahead and did it. No more procrastination. Christmas in Knavesborough Four Christmas crime stories … Continue reading

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What the Weather Man says…

Yesterday we visited friends in Vorupør (where our cottage is situated and the village next to Stenbjerg I have shown you several pictures of earlier). The weather was changeable and interesting, and my husband left the table early to get … Continue reading

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Guess who or what…

As this novel is a standalone, there is no famous protagonist to describe, but perhaps some of my brilliant readers can guess who the writer is – or even which book it is. “Her Orlando apartment was cramped and smelly, … Continue reading

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No, my Christmas collection is NOT out yet (not officially, that is).   But if any of you want an electronic review copy (no strings attached), please let me know.

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It´s Sweden´s Day # 10

As promised, two shots from the same wooden church as last week. Usually I don´t display innocent bystanders, but these two persons happen to pop up in several of my pictures, meaning it can be difficult to cut them out … Continue reading

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Lilian Jackson Braun, The Cat Who Brought Down The House (2003)

I have been curious to try this very popular cosy series for a long time, though I had some misgivings about which role the cats played. I was given the twentyfifth in the series about the newspaper columnist James Qwilleran … Continue reading

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Writing Cats and Dogs

Surprise, surprise; I haven´t finished reading the book for that review you are all waiting for. Yesterday I finished the draft of my English version of “Christmas in Knavesborough” and sent it off to a beta-reader. Today I have translated … Continue reading

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Petty Crimes

Again, I have picked a cosy mystery, and let me ask you a question while I pretend to be reading (I am fairly busy, struggling to have a small Christmas collection ready in less than two weeks). Which role should … Continue reading

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Twas Sweden´s Day # 9

How could I forget? (Two excuses: I have suffered from a sore throat for days, and yesterday I was very busy writing a silly Knavesborough story for my online writing class – that was a good one, wasn´t it?) But … Continue reading

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